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Addiction is a terrible thing, destroying lives in so many ways. Families watch as their loved one turns into someone unrecognizable. Addicts often turn to crime to support their habits and this harms not only their lives but the lives of their families and the society in which they live. Hungary feels the effects of this every day. The only solution is a drug rehab program that can turn around an addict's life, giving him (or her) back an honest and ethical life without drugs. In Hungary, that solution is the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Criminal Behavior Resulting from Addiction

All drugs can lead to criminal behavior in the addict. Commonly, an addicted person will turn to crime to obtain the money needed to keep supplied with the drug. However, the influence drugs and alcohol can have on the personality itself can lead to criminal behavior. Drugs numb the sensibilities and an addict will often be dishonest and unethical. In Hungary in 2011, reports stated that 80 percent of all those entering treatment for marijuana were doing so as an alternative to criminal prosecution.

Narconon has the Full Package for Lasting Recovery

The correct solution is to find a drug rehab in Hungary that will give an addict back his moral standards and personal values as well as treat the physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. The Narconon drug and alcohol program does just this, with a tolerable withdrawal, deep detoxification of toxins and drug residues from the body and comprehensive life skills training. There are three Narconon programs in Hungary. These are Narconon Nógrád outside of Budapest which a full rehabilitation center and two drug education programs Narconon Budapest and Narconon Nyíregyháza in northeastern Hungary, the capital of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg.

Drug Addiction Help

Part of handling the misery of addiction is helping a person with the physical dependency. This is done on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This sauna-based detox flushes out drug residues which become stored in the tissues as a person takes drugs. These residual drugs are known to be a part of the activation of cravings for drugs, even long after someone stops using them. With these toxins eliminated from the system, the recovering addict feels much brighter, his outlook often changes and his body is cleaned of these poisons.

Life Skills Regained Means a Better Chance of Staying Sober

Anyone who has observed an addict in life can see that this person is in trouble, that he has lost the ability to deal with situations, relationships and life in general. The person addicted to drugs or alcohol loses his ability to communicate effectively, goes out of touch with reality, and often isolates himself from others. He also commits many misdeeds in an addicted lifestyle and will feel an extraordinary amount of guilt. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give the recovering addict a way to regain the skills he lost while addicted. With new knowledge and tools he can use every day, he can get back an ethical life, one where he can communicate, restore relationships and face life's many challenges. The subjects studied include responsibility, integrity, communication and personal values. He finds he can shed the guilt he built up and can be accountable for his actions.

Narconon is a highly successful drug rehab and one in which an addicted person has the very best chance at lasting recovery. Hungary is fortunate to have such a program to help addicts and families all over the country.


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