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With the wide availability of drugs in Israel, people of all ages become the victims of drug addiction throughout the country. Addiction can come about gradually or quickly, taking over a person's life, tearing down their health, their hopes and their futures. Anyone with an addicted loved one knows how devastating addiction can be to the addict and everyone around him (or her). Finding an effective drug rehab program is not always easy. However, with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Zeitan, Israel, the solution is at hand.

The Narconon Program Saves Addicted Lives

The domestic market for illegal drugs is significant in Israel. The demand for cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine has remained steady through the years and the use of marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids is on the rise. More and more new synthetic drugs are added to Israel's Dangerous Drugs Ordinance on a regular basis. It becomes imperative to have a drug rehab that can address the aspects of physical and mental dependency to break the deadly grip of addiction.

At Narconon Israel, the devastation of addiction can be halted. Lives can be turned around and addicts can find a new life without drugs. The Narconon program has a complete recovery package including methods to effectively flush out drug residues stored in the body. This residue elimination is often described as diminishing drug cravings and life skills training which prepares the recovering addict to go back home and deal with the situations he left behind.

Narconon New Life Detoxification Program Clears the Body and Mind

When an addict arrives at Narconon, the first thing is to have him go through the withdrawal process and help him deal with any side effects of coming off the drugs. This is accomplished by unique relaxation techniques and one-on-one assistance by trained staff members. Once done with withdrawal, the person does a short course in communication skills which contains drills and other exercises which help him improve his ability to confront situations and people. This helps to speed his progress through the rest of the program as well.

Overcome Drug Addiction

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program comes next. Here is where the residual drugs stored in the body's tissues are flushed out. By employing an exact regimen of sauna time, exercise and nutrition, toxins are removed from the body and help the recovering individual feel much brighter and think more clearly. Since the drug residues are known to be involved in drug cravings becoming activated, this portion of the program is vital in addressing the physical side of dependency.

Life Skills Training Teaches the Recovering Addict to Live without Drugs

Narconon Israel Grand Opening

The life skills training at Narconon consists of a series of six courses which provide valuable tools and knowledge to the student so he can live a life without drugs or alcohol. An addict usually loses his ability to effectively communicate, maintain high ethical standards and make the right decisions in life. These life and sober decision-making skills help him to restore relationships, take responsibility for his actions and gain back his personal values.

An example of one of the courses is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. In this study course the recovering individual is able to shed the guilt he carries with him from his past and move forward in his life. He learns what integrity is all about and his personal values can rise to new heights.

Narconon is the first choice when an addict needs to find lasting recovery. With a comprehensive program addressing addiction, lives are saved and a recovering addict can prosper with a drug-free future.


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