Drug Rehab for Italy

Many of those who have loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol know the primary difficulty with helping them is finding a drug rehab that provides lasting recovery. Far too many addicts try repeatedly to get off drugs only to soon relapse into drug use. Some of those addicts have tried up to five or more rehab centers only to leave and go right back to using drugs after each one. Luckily, there are Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Italy that give an addict the best chance at achieving lasting recovery.


The most prevalent use of drugs in Italy includes heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and ecstasy. Marijuana is also used extensively in the country. In 2011, studies indicated that more than 57,500 addicts entered drug treatment centers in Italy with synthetic opiates the primary drug of choice followed by cocaine and marijuana. More than 33,000 of these people were new treatment clients. This means that nearly 24,000 people were entering treatment who had been there before.

Narconon Gives the Best Chance of Lasting Recovery

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers throughout Italy have a high success rate at providing lasting recovery from addiction. This is what is needed in a country with such a high relapse rate. Addressing both physical and mental dependency to drugs or alcohol, the Narconon program makes a big difference for addicted individuals, no matter their ethnicity, race or beliefs.

There are seven Narconon centers in Italy, Narconon Alfiere in Pesaro, Narconon Astore in Fabriano, Narconon Falco in Altilia, Narconon Albatros in Santa Domenica Talao, Narconon Gabbiano in Lecce, Narconon Grifone in Aci Sant´ Antonio and Narconon Piemonte in Villafranca D´Asti.

End Drug Addiction

Each center has the same effective program to enable an addicted person to get rid of his (or her) drug or alcohol habit and get back in control of his life. Families are healed, relationships are restored and dreams are once again possible to achieve.

One of the key aspects of Narconon treatment is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. On this sauna-based detoxification the participant does moderate daily exercise, spends time in a sauna and takes a generous and exact proportion of vitamins, minerals and oils. This regimen, when followed strictly, flushes out residual drugs in the tissues. The drug residuals would otherwise remain in the fatty tissues and are known to contribute to drug cravings becoming activated. Once gone, these toxins can no longer affect the individual and the person will be able to think more clearly, feel more alive and alert and notice a change in his well-being.

Life Skills Training Fortifies the Recovering Addict with Reliable Tools

Narconon Alfiere

Life skills training comes next. On a series of six unique courses, the student learns a lot about himself and finds out his strengths and weaknesses on his own, without any evaluation from anyone else. He can then make better decisions. He obtains tools with which he can rebuild his life once back home. He learns how to accept responsibility and can be accountable for his actions, without always pointing the finger elsewhere. Personal values, integrity and honesty rise and he can live an ethical life, without drugs.

Taking part in the Narconon program gives an addict the best opportunity to overcome addiction. With a high success rate the world over in saving addicted lives, Narconon is the best choice in drug rehab programs in Italy.


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