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Baton Rouge, LA

For anyone who has struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, he knows that it takes strong determination to try to get clean and sober again. The situation is worsened when a combination of drugs and alcohol are being abused. Such is the case with many people who face drug addiction. They have been using multiple drugs and alcohol, getting lost in the trap of addiction. For these people and their families it is essential to find real, effective treatment. Within Louisiana, Baton Rouge has one of the highest crime rates, both in violent and property crimes. In addition, eighty percent of the State's criminals struggle with a drug problem that contributes to the high crime rate.

Luckily, for tens of thousands of people over the past forty-five years, Narconon has provided effective help. Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are located in more than fifty cities around the world. Each Narconon facility offers a standardized, comprehensive, holistic eight-phase program of rehabilitation that works. In fact, for seven of every ten Narconon graduates, this has been the program that helped them find long-lasting sobriety.

The reason that the Narconon program is so effective is that it addresses the areas of difficulty for addicts: cravings, guilt and depression. Here is how these three factors are addressed. The person who arrives at Narconon for drug and alcohol rehab first goes through a drug-free withdrawal phase. He is assisted through this process with lots of nutritional supplementation as well as personal support from the Narconon staff members. He will receive assistance to help him get oriented to the new environment around him and is given massage-like assists to help ease the aches and pains of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol that his body has become accustomed to.

Following this part of the program he is ready to begin the unique Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Here he will do moderate exercise daily, while also receiving more nutritional support and supplements and spending time each day in a dry sauna. Closely supervised by a Narconon staff member, the recovering addict is eliminating from his body the toxic drug residues which have been left behind. These are stored in the body's fatty tissues, and until this program was developed there had been no effective method for eliminating them. It has been found that these residues can trigger cravings for more drugs. When they are eliminated from the body, most people report they have no more or far fewer cravings, as well as an improved outlook on the future and a restored ability to think clearly.

Next, the Narconon program addresses the guilt that most addicts face for things they did while on drugs that they later regret. The recovering addict will have the opportunity to restore his personal integrity, including making up any damage he may have caused to others while he was influenced by addiction. He will study several life skills courses, some of which help him to restore his own moral compass and allow him to chart his own course to a drug-free future.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Faces Unique Challenge of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

In many cities and towns around the United States marijuana is the leading drug of people who are admitted into drug treatment programs. In Baton Rouge, and other parts of Louisiana, the primary substance abused is alcohol, often accompanied by another drug. In 2009, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 8,000 Louisianans were admitted for addiction to alcohol or alcohol plus another drug. There were also more than 6,000 admitted for marijuana and more than 5,000 for cocaine or crack cocaine addiction. Methamphetamine abuse in Baton Rouge is also very high and has been growing in recent years, as has their heroin abuse and prescription drug abuse problem. Another indicator of high drug abuse is that in Louisiana, the rate of drug poisoning deaths in 2005 was 14.7 per 100,000 people, compared to a national average of 10.1.

Crime in Baton Rouge is higher than in most American cities. Having a crime rate of 67 per one thousand residents, Baton Rouge battles one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 15. Police and sheriffs in the Baton Rouge area are struggling with the prevalence of drug-related crimes and homicides. Within Louisiana, more than 92% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Baton Rouge.

In addition, 80% of the offenders in the state correctional system have substance abuse problems that contribute to their criminality.

Narconon Operates Center in Denham Springs

In a beautiful wooded area not far from Baton Rouge, Narconon of Louisiana was established in 2006. In Denham Springs, Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat has beautiful facilities located on 15 wooded acres which include a swimming pool, basketball court, pool table and other game equipment. This is available to the students to use for recreation after the program services are done for the day. Twenty-three staff, including eight certified drug counselors, support up to 35 students. This number allows for staff to provide needed personal care and attention for each student.

Narconon of Louisiana is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.


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