Drug Rehab for Macedonia

Effective drug rehab treatment is desperately needed in Macedonia - drug rehab that does not use substitute drugs in an attempt to handle addiction. Heroin trafficking through Macedonia leads to people of all ages getting caught in the trap of addiction, yet when the addict is given some substitute, such as buprenorphine or methadone, he is still addicted, but simply to a different drug.


Between 2009 and 2010, the main cause of drug-related deaths in Macedonia was opiate overdose. Further it was noted that 34 percent of these drug-related deaths were specifically from methadone. In 2010, a buprenorphine detoxification program was begun in which addicts were hospitalized and given this substitute drug after which they began outpatient treatment. Unfortunately, coming off these drug substitutes is very difficult and has been noted as harder than getting off of heroin. If there is a drug rehab program that does not make use of these substitute drugs, an addict should take advantage of it in order to leave all drugs behind.

A Drug Rehab without Substitute Drugs

Luckily there is such a rehabilitation program in Macedonia. Narconon Balkan in Skopje is an effective drug treatment program that has a high success rate in achieving lasting recovery from addiction, and without the use of any drug substitutes. This program addresses both the physical and mental dependency to drugs or alcohol in unique ways that have proven to help someone overcome addiction permanently.

No Drug Substitution

The first step for any addict is to withdraw from their drug of choice. Most addicts fear this phase the most as they have usually experienced the withdrawal symptoms in one form or another and know how terrible they can be. However, withdrawal at Narconon is more tolerable due to the use of nutritional support, relaxation techniques and the caring assistance by trained staff. After withdrawal is complete, the participant then does some practical exercises in communication which helps him (or her) communicate effectively and thus progress through the rest of the program more easily. This simple improvement begins to draw the individual out of the darkness of addiction.

A Sauna-Based Detoxification Removes Toxic Chemicals

Anyone who has used drugs for some time has built up accumulations of drug residues in their fat cells. These residual drugs will remain in the fatty tissues, even for years, after someone stops using drugs. They can contribute to drug cravings becoming activated and can lead to relapse. Without these toxic residues present, a person will feel more alert and alive. Through the use of moderate exercise, a specific combination of vitamins and minerals and sauna time, these stored poisonous residues are removed and the body is cleansed. Addressing this physical aspect of addiction proves to make positive changes in the way the person feels and thinks.

Narconon Skopje

Complete drug recovery is best when the person goes home completely sober and free of any dependence on drugs, and having the skills to create a future free of drugs. The skills needed for a life without drugs are obtained on the Narconon Life Skills courses. This series of six courses gives a recovering addict the tools and knowledge needed to deal with the various things that life can throw at him, to restore relationships and to gain back his self-respect. He studies subjects such as integrity, responsibility, and ethics. He learns of a moral code that puts his feet on the right path to a fulfilling life.

Availability of Drugs in Macedonia Makes an Effective Drug Rehab Necessary

With Macedonian organized crime, drug trafficking is a profitable business and the quantity of illegal drugs within the country skyrockets. In fact, in 2010, suspected masterminds of a Macedonian trafficking organization were arrested in Macedonia and others captured in Germany and Austria. When large quantities of drugs are available, it becomes difficult if not impossible to stop the raging storm of addiction in the country. An effective drug rehab can save the lives of those who get caught in this trap. Narconon Skopje is the right choice in successful drug rehab facilities which can put an addict on the path to a productive and happy life without drugs.


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