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Drug abuse in all its forms is harmful, and potentially deadly for many unsuspecting users, especially young people. When one is directly affected by drug use, it is personally devastating for both the drug user and his family.

Luckily, in more than fifty locations around the world, Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can help any drug addict who wants to turn his life around. For tens of thousands of people over the past forty-five years, Narconon has been the one program they found that helped them to recover a sober, productive lifestyle once again. This is true for many who had tried numerous other rehab programs first without finding sobriety.

Narconon operates a standardized, holistic program all over the world including a tolerable withdrawal, a unique sauna-based detox program, and several life skills courses. The program's success rate is seventy percent, meaning seven of every ten graduates remain drug-free and sober at least two years after finishing the full, eight-phase program. This is one of the highest success rates of any drug and alcohol rehab program.

Two Major Studies Show Highest Rates of Illicit Drug Use in a Decade

Michigan is the home of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which conducts a popular study of drug and alcohol use among teens. Called "Monitoring the Future" this study is conducted annually.

Unfortunately, what this and other studies have found is the rate of drug abuse all over the country is increasing. Illicit drug use in the United States in 2009 rose to its highest level in 8 years, according to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Largely, this increase was due to an increase in marijuana use. In the past few years, a larger percentage of youth responding to the two surveys said they did not believe that regular use of the drug was very harmful. This may be due to the perception that many young people have that marijuana is harmless because it is prescribed as medicine. But marijuana addiction is still sending 18% of all those reporting to addiction rehab. Among young adults and teens, the proportion is even higher.

According to a June 2012 report, illicit drug use in the United States in 2010 was at its highest level since 2002, continuing this rising trend. A rise in marijuana use again is what is driving the increase. A favorable trend of falling cocaine use also continued.

Michigan Drug Use Significantly Higher than the National Average

The 2006-2008 NSDUH estimates for Michigan showed significantly higher than the national rates for alcohol use, binge drinking, illicit drugs, marijuana, and cigarette use in the past month. It also showed higher than the national average rate for non-medical use of prescription pain relievers and marijuana use during the past year. Perhaps as an indicator of why binge drinking and smoking pot are increasing, the study showed significantly lower rates in Michigan for "perceptions of great risk" for both binge drinking and smoking marijuana. Both heroin and cocaine are prominent in the Midwest as well.

Narconon Freedom Center Brings Effective Help to Michigan

For anyone who has struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, he knows how difficult it can be to quit. It takes a wholehearted decision to try to get clean and sober again. When one has made that decision, it is fortunate that Michigan has the Narconon Freedom Center. Located in Albion, Michigan, about an hour South of Lansing, Narconon Freedom Center offers effective rehab for all varieties of drug and alcohol addiction. It is located on ten acres with a large 58,000 square foot building that houses men and women in two separate wings. They can handle up to 100 people at a time in this lovely facility, with forty staff, including on-site registered nurses and regular visits from a medical doctor. There are plenty of opportunities for the students to get exercise outside and observe the deer and other wildlife that frequently wander around the large oak trees on the property.

The staff at Narconon Freedom center view recovering addicts as students, not patients. They see them as people learning to live their lives without the need to escape into substance abuse. Thousands of people have been helped at Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan to leave their addiction to drugs and alcohol behind, and return to a drug-free, happy and productive life.


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