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The drug problem in Russia is not new news. Illicit drug use continues to grow as more and more Russian citizens become trapped in addiction. In fact, approximately 40,000 Russians die each year from drug-related causes. Although close to a half million Russians are registered as addicts, the number of people actually addicted is likely higher because registration means the person often cannot get a driver's license or obtain certain types of jobs. With the number of addicts and the amount of drug-related crime, it is vital to have an effective drug rehab in Russia so lasting recovery can be achieved.


As of 2012, there were about 9 million Russians taking illegal drugs, with more than 90 percent using opiates. This is noted as a record number of heroin addicts per capita, although the figure isn't surprising as Russia stands as a major hub for distributing drugs coming from Afghanistan. Making things even worse is the channeling of new synthetic substances from China into Russia. Chemicals that are referred to as synthetic cannabinoids or "bath salts" have been seized repeatedly, with Russian and Chinese criminals ganging up to develop this new market.

Many people in Russia are also losing their lives to a destructive new drug, krokodil, which is made in small hidden labs using codeine tablets sold in pharmacies. There is just no question that successful drug addiction recovery is vitally needed in Russia, to save lives of those who are caught in this devastating trap.

Narconon Provides Lasting Recovery in Russia

Seeing a need for effective drug rehab in Russia, Narconon centers were opened so addicted lives could be healed. With a tolerable withdrawal, a unique sauna-based detoxification, and life and coping skills courses, Narconon can put an addict on the right path, one that will allow him (or her) to live a life without drugs and achieve his dreams. An addict must get back control of his life and make the right decisions, uninfluenced by the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Narconon Russia Centers

The Narconon program truly helps an addict overcome addiction. Some Narconon centers in Russia, are Narconon Dimitrovgrad in Dimitrovgrad City, Narconon South Moscow in Podolsk City, Narconon Standard in Moscow and Narconon St Petersburg in Leningradskaya. These centers each deliver the successful methods in use at Narconon centers all over the world.

Addressing Physical and Mental Dependency on Drugs and Alcohol

Flush Drug Residues

One key part of the Narconon program is the sauna-based detoxification. This portion of the program is a combination of sauna time, moderate daily exercise and a certain proportion of minerals, vitamins and oils. This strict regimen flushes out drug residues accumulated in the body's fat cells. Since residual drugs are known to be involved in drug cravings being triggered, it is very important to get them out of the system. Once these toxins are gone, the person feels brighter and experiences less foggy thinking and confusion.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses come after the detoxification process is complete. There are six courses which provide a wide array of tools and applicable knowledge that the recovering addict can use in life once back home. He achieves a new insight into himself and the reason he started using drugs. He is able to restore relationships that were harmed from an addicted lifestyle and gain back family trust.

The courses include the Ups and Downs in Life Course where the student learns what kind of friends to surround himself with, the Personal Values and Integrity Course where the recovering addict finds how to gain more self-respect and the Way to Happiness Course where he gets a non-religious moral code to live a drug-free and ethical life.

An Effective Drug Rehab Available

Narconon is highly successful in providing full recovery from addiction. A family is reunited with their child as he was before taking drugs. An addict can overcome addiction and accomplish his dreams. Narconon is the first choice in drug rehab centers when lasting recovery is the objective.


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