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When a person has a drug problem, he may not be aware of how many people he is hurting. In fact, it is only after he stops using drugs and learns to confront the pain and heartbreak he has caused that he can realize this damage. When one has been using drugs, his world is sort of foggy and unclear and he doesn’t see the effects he has created on people around him. He is only really thinking about how to get his next “fix.” When this happens to a person you love it is heartbreaking. You can try to help them, but what that person needs is effective drug rehab.

Narconon drug and alcohol rehab programs, in more than fifty locations around the world, offer an effective way to get off drugs. At any of these locations, whether in Southern California near San Diego, Australia or Russia, Narconon can help one can find his way back to a sober and productive life.

Narconon Provides Holistic Approach to Rehab

Narconon offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to drug rehab in which the whole person is considered. There are no drugs used to replace other drugs one has been taking. Instead, good nutrition along with specific nutritional supplements and some mild assists, much like a gentle massage, are given by the Narconon staff member to a recovering addict. These help to ease the pain and discomforts one may experience when going through withdrawal.

The person recovering from drug addiction needs time to focus on recovery and at Narconon he has no time limit. It may take between three and six months for most people to undo the damage that has been done by using drugs. The body needs time to recover and the individual needs time to repair the emotional and mental damage so he can live a drug-free and productive life in the future. The full eight-step Narconon program includes a deep detoxification step called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Each person in recovery then begins study of several courses to teach him how to lead a drug-free life so he will have no need to resort to drugs as an escape from his life. He will only graduate from the full Narconon program when he has charted his own course to a drug-free future, and it is one he is confident he can follow. There is even follow up after the completion of the program to ensure that one is remaining drug-free and doing well. This leads to one of the highest success rates in the rehab field, which means that 70% of Narconon graduates remain drug-free and sober for at least two years following completion of the program.

San Diego has Higher Rate of Drug-Related Deaths than Other California Cities

San Diego is one city in California where you may think drugs are not a problem. But this area has a higher rate of drug-related deaths and suicide using drugs than national average, and one that is considerably higher than nearby Los Angeles.

San Diego is also surrounded by the Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. This is a designation by California law enforcement that pinpoints this region as a location which is heavily involved in producing and distributing illicit drugs. It also means that drugs are widely available and easy to obtain. A recent report also showed that adult females were most likely to test positive for methamphetamine in a 2009 survey of arrestees in San Diego. Two of five adults and one of every four juveniles arrested also reported misuse of prescription drugs.

One way to turn this trend around is by reducing the demand for drugs. This can only be done by effective education and effective rehab for those already addicted.

Luckily in Southern California, there is Narconon San Diego, a long-term residential facility which is located only 66 miles away in Warner Springs. Here, in a comfortable homey setting, one can take the time he needs to get rid of the drug habit for good. There is no time limit at Narconon, other words, the cost of the program does not increase for a person who takes a longer time than others. It may take some people longer to undo the damage drugs have done to their lives. Narconon understands this and allows each student the time needed to learn all the skills he will need to maintain a drug-free life from now on.

Call a Narconon rehab specialist t o find out more about the entire Narconon program.


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