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Special Graduation - Narconon San Diego

Narconon San Diego drug rehab graduates

San Diego news:
Most Narconon rehab centers the world over have graduation events on Friday nights. Students tell their wins--both from each part of the program as well as upon graduation from the full program.

The graduation event at Narconon San Diego on the night of June 22, 2007, was doubly special as it marked the celebration of Kathy Dion's promotion to the Narconon Western United States Regional Management Office. She smoothly turned over the reins to the new director, Frank Riedl. [Top picture: Kathy Dion (3rd from left) with Narconon program graduates]

Narconon San Diego drug rehab graduates

From Frank Riedl:
"I finished the program in 2000 and came back in 2001 to join staff. … Now, after 6 years of training and experience, I've been promoted to Executive Director of Narconon San Diego. Life can't get any better! I've done nothing but succeed since I completed the program.... The facility is in the middle of the high desert northeast of San Diego--it's quite beautiful.... We have about 35 staff and 40 students consistently. This gives us a lot of one-on-one and an ability to spend the time with them to make sure everything is definitely understood and applied. Our students get a lot of attention here. The staff really care and give every bit of attention that they can towards the students. They give what they got....

"After my personal experience and the stories of the many who have gone through this program, I can't see how there's a better program in the world.... It doesn't just put you through a quick 30-day program with a few jargon words you can say to each other in groups and then go home. It doesn't do that. It actually makes you dig down and find out what's really within, and then gives you the tools to go out there and live."

Following are excerpts from interviews with other staff at the center:

Narconon San Diego drug rehab graduates

From Stacie B.:
"My favorite part was the Personal Values and Integrity Course. It allowed me to take a good look at the different areas of my life and take responsibility over them....

"It completely changed me. Since graduating, my life has completely changed. I have a position with Narconon San Diego as a junior executive. Thus I'm able to help other students progress through their program and get a hold of their lives again. It's truly an amazing thing because I feel like I have my life back, PLUS some!... Probably the greatest win I have from the Narconon program is I have my parents' trust back. That means everything to me. I'm able to function as a family member and give back to them and repay an obligation to them that before I could never do."

Narconon San Diego drug rehab graduates

From Kyle W.:
"I completed the program a little over 3 years ago and since then everything's improved.... All aspects of my life have changed dramatically...

"I was given the privilege of joining the Volunteer Fire Department in Sunshine Summit a few years ago. Since then we've been able to get a few other staff members into the group and now we constitute about 75% of the department. We respond 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to any local emergency--fire, car accident, or medical emergency that might come up. Prior to Narconon joining the Department, the average response time was anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. We've got it down now to under 10 minutes, average, and usually it's a little quicker than that.

The community in general really appreciates the fact that Narconon is able to make the community a better, safer environment."

Narconon San Diego drug rehab graduates

From Edee A.:
"I started off like many other people just with alcohol and marijuana. Then it just progressed with every drug possible and ended with methamphetamine. I found myself 100% addicted. I became a completely different person.... I had a 4-year full tuition scholarship because of grades and I lost it. I couldn't hold a job. I played soccer for a college and I lost that. It took everything!...

"I loved learning the life skills--tools that I was able to start using immediately to come back up across all areas of life and to be normal again and to be trusted again.... Everything is better than it ever was--confidence bigger than it ever was.... I now help other people. I know where they've been and exactly what it was like. I can have a reality with them and help them to see that it's possible to be honest and ethical.... My biggest win is that my mom is my best friend now. She used to be my biggest enemy. Before, everything was her fault. Now she is my best friend!"

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