South Africa

Struggling with Drug Abuse and Trafficking Problems

South Africa

According to the latest World Drug Report for 2013, drug abuse is on the increase in South Africa, including increasing usage of heroin, methamphetamine and methcathinone, a synthesized drug similar to methamphetamine. Cocaine use has reportedly remained stable. Heroin use has been reported by treatment facilities across the country as a growing concern.

Polydrug use was also common among drug users who entered treatment. For example, many methamphetamine users also used cannabis and methaqualone, a drug sold as the brand name Quaaludes. Among heroin users, methamphetamine use was common, as was the use of benzodiazepines, narcotic analgesics and codeine-containing preparations.

In recent years there have been many savvy drug trafficking cartels operating in South Africa who recruit unsuspecting youth, especially young women, to become decoys so that the actual smugglers can get through borders of foreign countries. This has become such a large problem in recent years that as many as 337 South African women are now living in prisons in foreign countries on drug-smuggling charges.

More South African youth are also apparently being targeted as more young South Africans are getting involved with drugs. Whether it's experimenting, dealing, being users, or becoming mules or decoys; they're getting sucked into the drug industry. Some say the lack of awareness campaigns in South African schools on the reality of drug trafficking keeps the youth ignorant, making them more vulnerable to recruiters. Many people targeted by experienced drug traffickers have no idea until it is too late.

Rehabilitation from Drug Abuse in South Africa

Narconon Capetown

When a young person has already fallen into drug abuse, using and obtaining drugs becomes the most important thing in his life. He may give up on his goals in life, fall in with the wrong crowd and often break off relationships with his old friends and his family. In this state, he can become very vulnerable to many unscrupulous characters who only want to exploit him.

Often, his family often must convince him that going to rehab is in his best interest and get him away from those who would use him for drug trafficking. The family also may have the difficult task of finding a safe and effective rehab program that they trust for helping their loved one.

Narconon Helps People in South Africa

Real rehabilitation from drug abuse requires a program that helps a former user to address the issues of cravings for more drugs, guilt over what he has done while obtaining or using drugs, and skills for learning to live without drugs. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can help a recovering drug user to learn many skills to help him address all three areas.

Fortunately, the people of South Africa have access to the full Narconon drug rehabilitation program in Darling, which is in a rural community.

Overcome Drug addiction

A person who arrives at Narconon starts with a surprisingly tolerable withdrawal period, followed by the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. These two steps help the person to address the physical aspects of using drugs. Most users who complete these portions of the full eight-step Narconon program report that they have far fewer or even no more cravings for drugs, and often report that they can think more clearly and they have a fresher, brighter outlook on the future.

After completing those portions of the program, the person usually is able to focus more easily so that he can learn. He then studies five more courses which include learning how he got into the trap of drug use in the first place. He can learn to address those things he did in the past which he is not proud of and make amends to his loved ones. Using what he has learned including a simple, common-sense moral code, he can now know how to make drug-free decisions from here on. Due to the comprehensiveness of the program, the majority of Narconon graduates remain drug-free for years after completing the program.

In fact, over the past forty-six years, tens of thousands of people around the world have completed the Narconon program with great success. Find out more about Narconon in South Africa by calling today.


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