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There is no country that escapes the problem of drug abuse and addiction. In every country, there must be rehab programs to help these people find their ways back to health and sobriety. What is important is that these rehab programs result in lasting sobriety, or those completing them are just headed for more heartbreak.

In Spain, more than 53,000 citizens entered into treatment for addiction in 2010. Nearly 27,000 were new clients, meaning that around half of those entering treatment had relapsed after completing their earlier programs. Fortunately, with an effective drug rehab, this number of repeat treatment seekers can be greatly reduced and people with addiction problems can truly find lasting recovery.


However, finding an effective drug rehab in Spain is not always an easy matter. Some will go through a rehab program but find they are unable to stay sober and clean afterwards. Many end up relapsing and feel more and more hopeless about finding lasting recovery. Luckily there is a drug rehab center in Spain that has a high rate of success at achieving lasting sobriety - Narconon.

Narconon Provides the Full Array of Treatment for Addiction

In 2011, the drugs most prevalent in Spain were marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. However, the use of multiple drugs at one time is a common pattern with addicts. The use of illicit drugs in any form and in any combination is even more dangerous than the use of a single drug.

When the person is addicted, the desire to continue to use the drug or drugs is intense. It basically turns a life into a shambles. Both the physical and mental dependency must be addressed. This is exactly what the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program does.

Spainish addicts can go to any one of the three Narconon centers in the country. These are Narconon Mediterraneo in Sevilla, Asociacion Narconon Los Molinos in Madrid and Narconon Tenerife Rehab Center in the Canary Islands. Each center offers the unique recovery treatment provided in Narconon centers around the world. No matter what drug the person is addicted to - opiates, cocaine, club drugs, alcohol or others - an addict will find help that gives him an excellent chance at lasting sobriety.

A Unique Detoxification Program

After the initial drug withdrawal, Narconon provides the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program during which toxins are flushed from the body. Drug residues build up in fatty cells and remain long after someone stops using drugs. These toxic residues can be involved in drug cravings returning, even years after stopping the use of drugs. To get these residual drugs out of the system, a combination of nutrition, nutritional supplements, moderate daily exercise and time in a sauna is used. This program effectively cleanses the body and clears the mind.

Narconon Mediterraneo

This is not the end of the rehab treatment. After the detox is complete, the recovering addict goes on to learn life and coping skills so vital in living a sober life. With a series of six courses, the student finds out a lot about himself, his strengths and weaknesses. He discovers how to restore the relationships that were harmed through his drug use. He learns how to make correct decisions. He gains back his self-respect.

Helping to Proof an Addict against Relapse

With effective tools for recovery provided and a clean body and mind, the Narconon graduate gains competence in returning home and building a new, drug-free life. Many say that now they feel that nothing can stop them in achieving the dreams that they had given up on. Narconon is the successful drug rehab program which should be the first choice for lasting recovery from addiction.


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