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Addiction is not just something that sends life into a downward spiral. It can also be and all too often is deadly. Drug-related deaths in Sweden continue to increase over the years. According to reports from 2011, more than 90 percent of drug-related deaths came from opiate abuse. Unfortunately, far too many addicts do not turn to treatment to gain sobriety. Only one in five drug users obtain help, and many of those don't find lasting recovery from addiction.

Heroin, alcohol and amphetamines are the largest problem in Sweden. These substances account for the most addiction problems plus the destruction of family relationships and the dreams of those addicted. Luckily there is a Narconon in Sweden that can provide lasting recovery from any addict's drug of choice. Narconon Eslov has a comprehensive drug rehabilitation center which addresses all aspects of addiction.

Addressing Physical and Mental Dependency on Drugs and Alcohol

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab treatment program provides thorough rehabilitation for any addict. Both the physical and mental aspects of addiction are addressed. The harmful drug residues accumulated in the body are eliminated and the person learns important coping and life skills to fortify him against relapse after he goes back home.

Withdrawal and an Additional Detoxification

Reduce Cravings

When the addict first arrives, he (or she) will withdraw from drugs or alcohol in a process made more tolerable by the inclusion of relaxation techniques and one-on-one assistance by trained staff. Those who have been through withdrawal before often are amazed at how easy it is compared to earlier attempts. Soon after, the recovering addict is further stabilized with a short course in communication so he begins to come out of the daze of drug abuse and can start to engage in his own recovery.

The New Life Detoxification Program is next. This is a sauna-based detoxification which flushes out harmful drug residues with time in a low heat sauna, nutritional supplements in precise proportions and some moderate daily exercise. This combination has proven effective in ridding the body of residual drugs which are known to contribute to the activation of drug cravings. This helps to reduce the cravings that can lead to relapse.

Life Skills Training Provides Tools to Use to Stay Clean

Six courses comprise the Narconon life skill training. Life skills are vital to enable a person in recovery to go back home and know what to do in order to stay clean. He can better choose his associates and avoid negative influences in his life. He can mend the relationships that were harmed from his addicted lifestyle. He will have tools that he can use for the rest of his life to improve conditions in everyday living.

Reduce Cravings

Some of the courses include study of personal integrity, self-worth, responsibility and accountability, as well as a non-religious moral code which provides a path to follow for happiness. On the Communication and Perception Course, the student further improves his communication skills and receives one-on-one counseling that helps in the transition from an addictive lifestyle to a new, drug-free present. As an additional bonus, exercises which help brighten a person's perceptions are also included.

There can be no question that an addict needs the best chance possible to attain a full recovery from addiction. Narconon is that chance - one that can lead to a new life without drugs and where dreams can come true.


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