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Drug addiction can affect anyone's life. If you don't struggle with your own addiction, it is likely that you know someone who suffers with an addiction problem. When this epidemic strikes close to home, it is potentially devastating not only to the user but to his family and friends as well. Effective drug education and drug rehabilitation is the answer to surviving drug addiction and recovering one's sober life. How does one find effective drug rehab when it is most needed?

Narconon Offers Effective Drug Education and Rehabilitation

Fortunately for many, Narconon drug and alcohol treatment programs exist in more than fifty locations around the world. In Florida, there are three Narconon programs, two residential and one outpatient. The Narconon program offers both an effective drug education and a highly effective program for drug rehab and recovery. This has been demonstrated by their success rate of seventy percent of graduates who stay drug-free and sober.

The Narconon program differs from many other drug rehab programs in that it uses no substitute drugs to help the recovering addict free himself of addiction. That would just replace one substance for another, and leave the person addicted to a legal alternative drug rather than an illicit drug. Instead, the Narconon program uses plenty of nutritional support and one-on-one guidance and care to help former addicts recover. There are eight actual steps or phases to the Narconon program. Each step is done under the close supervision of one or more Narconon staff members.

Outline of Narconon Drug Rehab Program

The program begins with a drugless withdrawal, during which the recovering addict is given plenty of good nutrition, rest and lots of vitamins and mineral supplements. In addition, as needed, a Narconon staff member will give the person assists, similar to a gentle massage, to ease aches and pains. The recovering person will receive some exercises in reorientation as he gets used to seeing and feeling the world without the filter of drugs in his way.

Following this step, the person is ready to begin on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This step includes time in a dry heat sauna, a strict regimen of nutritional supplements and daily moderate exercise. This unique combination of factors has been shown to help the body release the toxic drug residues from its fatty tissues where they have been stored. Once this step is accomplished, most recovering addicts report that they feel much better, have a renewed outlook on the future, and experience far less or even no more drug cravings.

Life Skills courses comprise the next part of the Narconon program. One studies these to learn or relearn the skills needed to lead a drug-free life. He will also have the opportunity to learn a common-sense moral code, and to chart his own future course, without the need for an escape into drugs.

There is a huge need for this type of effective drug rehab program in central Florida, in particular around the Tampa Bay area.

Drug Trends Show Florida a Hub of Prescription Drugs

Tampa, Florida is central to the state and also happens to be central to the prescription drug problem in the State of Florida. Despite changes to the laws regulating the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, nearby newspaper headlines still read, "Investigation leads to prescription drug bust in Pasco" and "Polk County drug bust: Sweep nabs 30 suspected drug dealers with 420 past arrests."

With this occurring frequently in the Central Florida region, it is vital that effective drug education and rehabilitation be available. Luckily, Narconon has two facilities located in this Tampa area of Florida. To learn more, call today.


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