Drug Rehab

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The major drug problem in Ukraine has been reported over and over again — health crises resulting from shared needles. Drug addiction destroys lives in many ways, with illness and death commonly the final result. An effective drug rehabilitation program is the only real solution, with addicts finding lasting recovery.

 An Effective Drug Rehab Saves Lives

Although Ukraine is not known as a drug-producing country, it does lie in the path of drug traffickers moving their illicit drugs into other parts of Europe. These drug trafficking criminals use Ukraine's ports and the extensive river transportation routes to transport their goods. And the result is a high quantity of drugs available throughout Ukraine. An addict going through rehab too often relapses because of the ease of finding more drugs when back home. That is, of course, unless he (or she) receives the most effective and successful drug rehab program possible. 

Narconon Kiev

In the Ukraine, the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for citizens is Narconon Kiev. This is a center which is highly successful in giving addicts a chance at a new life without drugs. An addict arrives and is greeted by caring staff, already feeling welcome and safe. He goes through withdrawal which is made more tolerable by the use of unique relaxation techniques. Once through withdrawal an innovative detoxification is done, using sauna time, moderate daily exercise and a generous proportion of vitamin and mineral supplements. This special detoxification flushes drug residues from the body's fatty cells and can help reduce drug cravings.

Life Skills Obtained which Prepare a Recovering Addict to Live without Drugs

One of the key aspects to recovery is learning to cope with life's twists and turns. A recovering addict must have actual tools to use to live a drug-free and productive life. Anyone who has ever associated with an addict knows that his communication skills suffer in an addicted lifestyle. He is not able to effectively cope with stress or challenges. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give the student the knowledge he needs to rebuild his life, restore relationships and find the path to happiness.

Recover from Drug Addiction

The Personal Values and Integrity Course is often a turning point for a recovering individual. On this course he can face up to his responsibilities and stop pointing a finger at everyone else for his difficulties. When he discovers his accountability, he can shed the guilt he carries with him. On the Ups and Downs in Life Course, the student will learn characteristics of both social and anti-social individuals and can then surround himself with positive people who will support his sober life. There are four other vital courses that help a recovering addict gain the important life skills needed to live without drugs.

Ukraine and the Need for Successful and Lasting Recovery

With drugs so widely prevalent, with the illnesses stemming from drug use and with a life in shambles from drug abuse, an addict must get the best chance at lasting recovery. He can find it at Narconon Kiev, with a full package of treatment addressing both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. Narconon saves lives every day.


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