2003 - A Short Retrospective

Everyday around the world, we hear about violence, shootings and other crimes. More often than not, drugs are involved. In addition to illicit drug abuse, we now see the rise of prescription drug use among teens, resulting in even more addicts.

There are many people of goodwill and many activities to turn the situation around. The Narconon network's staff members are dedicated in addressing the drug problem in 36 countries. Here are just but a few highlights from the Narconon network in 2003 as it was celebrating its 37th year.

Drug Education Around the World

There are now over 60 drug education groups around the world delivering anti-drug presentations to nearly 10,000 people a week. As we closed out the year, the number of kids educated in one week reached highest ever with 24,730! The Commonwealth of Independent States alone presented the truth about drugs to over 173,000 people in 2003.

The "10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs" booklet is now translated into 15 languages and more translations are planned for 2004.

Also with the publication of the new Narconon Drug Prevention Center Starter Kit, the methods of how to operate a Narconon drug prevention center are more available than ever. A number of new Narconon drug prevention centers started operating in 2003 such as Seattle, Wollongong (Australia), Munich, Austria, Greece, and many more.

Drug Rehabilitation Around the World

New residential and out-patient facilities as well as First Step centers opened during 2003. Forming centers were started in many different parts of the world including Cape Town (South Africa) and Hungary, delivering basic drug rehab services such as the Narconon First Step program.

The Narconon network also saw the grand opening of several drug rehab centers: Narconon San Diego, Narconon Stone Hawk (Michigan) and Narconon Idaho. Latin America opened the first Narconon facility in Argentina. Centers expanding into new facilities included Narconon Brazil and Narconon Johannesburg.

Italian centers Narconon Astore and Narconon Albatros both celebrated over 10 years handling drugs in their community. Narconon Huddinge, the oldest European Narconon center, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

(Right, top to bottom: Narconon Hungary's first rehab center; Narconon Stone Hawk, grand opening, June 2003; Narconon Idaho grand opening, September 2003; Narconon San Diego grand opening, May 2003; first Narconon residential facility in Argentina, January 2003; Narconon Brazil new facility, July 2003)

Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon Arrowhead, our largest rehab facility and training center, celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in a big way. Guest speaker, actress, Priscilla Presley, gave a warm speech and stated that "we must have effective drug education programs that teach children to think for themselves..." Also acknowledging Arrowhead's work were many political figures including State Senator Richard Lerblance. Arrowhead's leading role in the community is making a real difference.

Narconon Arrowhead also published "Helping Someone Overcome Addiction" which covers a detailed description of the cycle of addiction and provides an understanding of the depression, drug cravings and guilt that occur when someone becomes addicted to drugs.

International Expansion

Chinese trainees who completed the workshop

Narconon International expansion projects included a second trip to China where Shanghai Jing Hospital (over 500,000 patients yearly) is making plans to implement the Narconon New Life Detox program in their huge facility. This trip saw the first Narconon delivery in mainland China. President Narconon International, Clark Carr, educated 53 teachers and school administrators on the Narconon drug educator teacher training and gave the first Narconon drug education presentation to Chinese students. This resulted in a huge reach for the Narconon program and they have requested that Narconon International returns in 2004 for further implementation of the Narconon program.

Trainees and addicts giving each other assists in the largest Filipino rehab center

Invited by the Director of the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency), a Narconon International delegation delivered two intense workshops on government premises: the First Step workshop and the Drug Education workshop. The Narconon methods were also introduced to prisoners in the biggest rehab facility of the Philippines.

(Right) Bobby Wiggins and Clark Carr with kids in a Filipino rehab center

Narconon Success Known Broadly

The results and success of the Narconon program are being talked about more than ever. In 2003, over 2,061 press articles in the U.S. alone were published reaching 28,454,232 people. Radio and TV shows reaching millions more around the world aired in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, etc. carrying the Narconon message. The Narconon network also received several recognitions from officials in Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, France, and the U.S. In January 2003, President Narconon Europe, Bo Persson, obtained an official declaration from the Council of Europe, filed in the European Commission, regarding the Drug Free Future for the Children of Europe.

Much more could be said about 2003 and the expansion of the 120 existing centers and groups. Each time a student graduates the Narconon program, the society grows healthier and becomes more productive. Each time a drug education presentation is given, children are prevented from ever becoming addicted to drugs. In 2003, the Narconon network saved more lives from the disaster of drugs than any other years. The coming year will be very rewarding for all of us who carry this purpose of changing conditions in their own communities using the Narconon programs.

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