Narconon International

2009 Retrospective


More than 100 members of the Narconon international community attended the annual Director's Conference in April. Featured in this conference were drug prevention activities in Juarez, Mexico. Charles Tennison was commended his outreach into this troubled city. In particular, the drug problems and violence in Latin American received attention during this conference.


Narconon International celebrated its four decades of drug prevention activities with a 36-page, colorful brochure describing the many accomplishments of those executing these community actions.

Basanta Drug Education in the UK

Director of Narconon Nepal Basanta Kunwar traveled from Nepal to the UK to help Nepali emigrants with their problems with addiction. He was invited by the UK Nepali Association, and reached more than half a million people with his drug prevention message.

Some of the technology used by the Narconon program was introduced for the first time to those going through drug rehab in Mazatlan. A volunteer from Narconon International provided those in recovery with several workshops on The Way to Happiness, a common-sense moral code used as part of the recovery program at Narconon centers. Four rehab professionals from Mazatlan were undergoing training at the Narconon Navaojoa center in Mexico as well.


Stop Drug Abuse

Narconon International brought its drug-free addiction recovery to non-English speakers by translating its useful information into Spanish, French and Italian. The newly translated articles are available on the Narconon International website

In several locations around the world, Narconon centers supported and helped celebrate the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Musicians, dancers and other entertainers provided an anti-drug show in Hollywood, and Narconon International provided drug education materials to the audience. In Ghana, a Narconon drug education presentation was attended not only by young students but also by several members of the nation's government, such as officials from Narcotics Control Board. In Pakistan, Denmark, Colombia, the US and Canada, Narconon staff participated in parades, marches and rallies to encourage people to live drug-free lives.


Drug Rehab Professionals Mazatlan

Eight drug rehab directors from Mazatlan and the State of Sinaloa attended a hands-on workshop presented by the president of Narconon International, Clark Carr. Carr brought them techniques that they can use in their rehabs to help the addicted get through withdrawal and start becoming engaged in a productive life once again. There were 60 rehab professionals in attendance at this two-day workshop. Later in the month, another trip to Mazatlan brought these techniques to more Mazatlan rehabs.


Narconon International announced that it had further expanded its help to non-English speaking people in need by translating website features into Russian and Arabic.

Narconon Commendation Nepal Minister

Narconon International was honored to receive a commendation from the State Minister for Home Affairs of the Government of Nepal for its work to help the Nepalese overcome their addictions. This commendation was received during Narconon International president Clark Carr's visit to Kathmandu to assist Narconon Nepal in the building of a new, larger rehab facility.


Safe Drug Drop Off Los Angeles

Sheriff Lee Baca was joined by the Teddy Chambers of Narconon International as he launched a new project to reduce the abuse of prescription drugs. Two new locking dropboxes were established in the town of Lomita as a trial project, with more boxes to be offered later. Using these boxes, anyone can get rid of unneeded prescriptions safely and anonymously.


In Europe, the anniversaries of two Narconon centers were celebrated. In Spain, Narconon Los Molinos celebrated its thirtieth anniversary - it was the second Narconon center to be founded outside the United States. And in Italy, Narconon Gabbiano celebrated its 14th anniversary. Both centers welcomed graduates, their parents and the local community to their events.


In the fall, Clark Carr, president of Narconon International, and a volunteer made another trip to Mexico to provide another workshop to drug rehab counselors in Mazatlan. As a result of these workshops, more than 500 addicts will have an easier time in recovery.


Narconon Graduate Family

Narconon International took the time to celebrate the expansion of the worldwide network over the prior decade. The number of Narconon staff increased to 1,200 and more than 13,000 lives were saved from addiction. Many new centers were opened as well, including the US, Russia, South Africa, Nepal and Egypt locations.

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