Narconon International

2011 Retrospective


Narconon Training Youth in Mexico

Narconon president Clark Carr described the pressure put on Mexican youth by drug cartels to make them join drug trafficking operations. In repeated trips to Mexico, Carr gave workshops to teach basic steps to help a person come off drugs to many cities and villages, and has distributed the common sense values book The Way to Happiness to 100,000 people in Mexico, all to help turn the tide in this country.

The Kingdom Day parade in Los Angeles celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and provided Narconon Professional Drug Prevention with the opportunity to promote drug-free lives.

Drug Prevention Specialist Bobby Wiggins created a new educational video showing the long-term effects of using marijuana. Increases in weed use by teens called for more education of youth as to the dangers, prompting the production of this video.


Narconon Professional Drug Prevention offered workshops for the National Guard to help them establish a drug-free workplace. Drug use in the workplace has proven to greatly increase the costs of doing business.


Hip Hop Drug Prevention

Collaborating with top hip hop artists to spread a drug-free message, Narconon Professional Drug Prevention attracted attention away from "420" events that promote the use of marijuana on the 20th of April.

Drug Prevention Specialist Bobby Wiggins added another educational video to Narconon drug prevention channel, this time explaining how long THC (the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana) stays in the body.

In Taiwan, the Narconon center in Ji-An Township celebrated its tenth anniversary of providing successful drug rehabilitation services.


Uganda Drug Education UN Day

Around the world, Narconon centers participated in events supporting the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and International Trafficking. In Uganda, there was a march and a drug prevention lecture in an open field, with 400 people signing drug-free pledges. In Harlingen, Texas and across California, special drug prevention classes were offered and in Mexico, there was a march and dance along the beachfront to promote the common sense guide The Way to Happiness.


The expansion of Narconon Mexico in Queretero was accompanied by workshops on the best way to get an addicted person through withdrawal symptoms, and television appearances by the president of Narconon International.


During Red Ribbon Week (an annual anti-drug event), drug prevention specialists in Northern California ran an aggressive drug prevention campaign in Santa Cruz County, and were acknowledged for their work by a Proclamation from the Mayor of Watsonville. In Harlingen, Texas and Southern California, more drug prevention specialists reached thousands more children with an education on why using drugs is highly dangerous.


Narconon Gabbiano Event

On the southeastern coast of Italy, there is now a lush green park that is named L. Ron Hubbard Piazza, in recognition of the work Mr. Hubbard completed to develop the technology the Narconon program is based on. The Mayor of Torre dell Orso and other city officials were at the dedication.

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