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2013 Retrospective


Narconon 47 Years

The Narconon network of rehabilitation and prevention centers celebrated 47 years of helping the addicted. Some centers had an anniversary cake delivered for staff and students and others celebrated more lavishly, with parties that included a reunion of graduates and families.

Narconon International published the Family Help Guide. This new publication was designed to help a family deal with the problem of drug use of a family members.


Narconon Drug Prevention & Education sponsored eight young runners from local schools in the 2013 Los Angeles marathon. All eight students trained for months before the race and all finished the 26.2 mile race.

In March, the staff and students of Narconon Mexico in Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato also took time to celebrate their anniversary. In their case, it was the fifteen year anniversary of the founding of this center.


Cocaine Rehab Today

Narconon International published a new booklet intended to help parents understand what is wrong with their children using marijuana. Because of extensive media coverage of medical marijuana, Narconon realized that parents might need help knowing how to explain to their children that marijuana is harmful. This booklet was also translated into Italian.

The results of the Narconon program spanning forty years were presented to a conference of the Executive Directors of Narconon centers from around the world. The consistently high success rates of the Narconon program were displayed in an accompanying booklet that showed the many ways that Narconon graduates successfully re-integrate into society. More than just being drug-free, these graduates also held jobs or attended school, maintained caring relationships with family and lived ethical, law-abiding lives in the great majority of cases.


LAPD Awards Sigal and Tony

Narconon Drug Prevention & Education was the only civilian group recognized by the Mission Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The founder and director, Sigal Adini, fights drug abuse and its related crime by providing drug prevention services in this area all year round.

A Safe Summer Guide was released by Narconon International to help parents keep their children drug-free over the months when youth have more free time and thus have more opportunity to get into trouble.

In May 2013, volunteers from Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma traveled to nearby McAlester to help with the Pride of McAlester street party. This party also included a drug-takeback event sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

A visiting Narconon drug education specialist from South Africa joined forces with a Southern California drug education specialist to take the story of sobriety and recovery to youth in the area. The young people were able to see that drug addiction is truly a worldwide problem.

A teacher in Ecuador decided she needed to help her local youth stay drug-free, so she chose the Narconon drug prevention curriculum to do this. She traveled all the way from Ecuador to Oklahoma to do her training and apprenticing.


Cocaine Rehab Today

Narconon International released 10 Things Parents May Not Know about the Abuse of Prescription Drugs at the 2013 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in Orlando, Florida.

On the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26), Narconon centers in Russia, Uganda, South Africa, US and several countries in Europe provided drug prevention services or held events to mark the occasion.


In El Colegio, Colombia, the local Narconon center teamed up with city officials to announce the dedication of the 18th of each month to drug prevention activities in the community.

Narconon Astore Awards Graduate

Narconon Astore in Central Italy gathered more than 150 guests including dozens of graduates for their 19th anniversary. Soon after, Narconon Gabbiano, also in italy, celebrated their 25th anniversary and the rehabilitation of more than 1,500 individuals.

Narconon Drug Prevention & Education in California published a coloring book for young people that teaches them to achieve their goals, and so to say no to drugs. All the illustrations for the book were created by drug-free teens who wanted to teach others to stay sober and productive.

Hundreds of friends and supporters were on hand in Hungary as Narconon Garab added an additional building to their facility outside Budapest.


Heroin Abuse Help Booklet

Narconon International published a complete guide to identifying heroin abuse and helping an addicted person find rehabilitation. The new booklet was titled Fight Back Against Heroin Abuse.

In Tijuana, Mexico, Padre Jaime Lares was joined by members of his community and the Catholic church that supported his center from its early days as he celebrated his first anniversary of helping the addicted.

Hundreds of people helped Narconon Colombia celebrate its 20th anniversary, including medical doctors, business owners and members of the city government and law enforcement agencies.

In Guanajuato and Queretaro States in Mexico, Narconon joined forces with the police departments to help reduce drug use and the crime that accompanies it.

Narconon Taiwan in Ji-An Township brought in drummers and dancers to celebrate twelve years of providing drug rehabilitation.

Narconon Tijuana was chosen to support Mexican President Pena Nieto's anti-crime program with educational workshops.

In Fabriano, Italy, Narconon Astore joined other community and charity groups for the annual Night of Angels of Volunteers event in an old town square.


Drug Education Training Award

Eight Los Angeles ministers graduated from their training in delivering the Narconon drug prevention curriculum and promptly began to offer these classes to their congregations.

Narconon Fresh Start in Southern California celebrated their tenth anniversary by inviting graduates and families to visit, and providing music, good food and awards for community supporters.

California Congressman Tony Cardenas invited Narconon Drug Prevention & Education director Sigal Adini and her teenaged artists to visit his office in recognition of their anti-drug, pro-achievement coloring book for youth. Sigal also offered drug prevention services at the Sylmar Olive Festival held a couple of weeks later.


At the Latin American Congress of Clinical Toxicology and Chemical Safety in Ecuador, Dr. Anna Tagliaferro from Narconon International gave a presentation on the sauna detoxification step that is part of the Narconon drug recovery program and explained how it can help those exposed to toxic other chemicals. Dr. Tagilaferro also consulted with officials on the Galapagos Islands to help them understand how they can quell their growing addiction problem.


Synthetic Drugs

With the new booklet Fighting Back Against Synthetic Drugs, Narconon International provided parents with a thorough education in synthetics and the harm they do.

Narconon educated families on why relapse occurs and how it can be prevented with the publication of the Factors of Relapse booklet.

Parents wanting to understand how to prevent or deal with marijuana use or addiction received a new resource with the publication of the booklet Fight Back Against Marijuana Abuse.

A new Narconon center was opened in Cancun, Mexico in a beautiful, bright and colorful new facility.


Say No to Drugs Race

Four hundred runners wearing Team Narconon t-shirts joined the thousands running the annual Say No to Drugs race on the back lot of Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Narconon Nepal christened a new building that was specifically planned and constructed to increase their capacity from 60 to 100 people in recovery at one time. Guests included the Nepali Vice-President, a former Supreme Court Judge and the former Health Minister.

In Southern Europe, the regional office of Narconon invited guests to a lovely evening celebration of 32 years of helping others.

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