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Sunday, 9 October 2001, the Italian Narconon drug rehab center Albatros will celebrate its twenty years of saving lives from drugs and alcohol. The Narconon Center Albatros is one of the several Narconon drug rehab centers successfully operating in Italy and one of the two Narconon centers located in the southern Region of Calabria - Narconon Il Falco is the other one and since its opening in 1991, it has obtained real remarkable results.

In 2008, the center has obtained the donated use of a new and bigger building, thanks to the conjunct work of the Cosenza Director General of ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) and the Narconon graduate Danilo De Stefanis. This change has created even greater opportunity for the staff of the Narconon Albatros to continue their good work and free more lives from the plague of drug abuse and addiction. It's a hard task and they all carry it on with courage and pride, all agreeing on a common purpose "To free a person, his family and the society from the disaster caused by drug or alcohol addiction, giving back dignity, responsibility and value to those who had lost them".

And no other story than the one described in the following letter - one of many success stories - could better summarize the sense of that purpose:

"My name is Nicola. I am a man of 49 years of age. I started using drugs about 31 years ago. In the beginning it was "joints", but soon I passed to drugs like heroin, cocaine, and so on.

In 1985, I tried to quit, but unfortunately with no results. In all these years I sought the help of many doctors, but the therapies based on drugs and psych drugs didn't help me to solve the problem.

I went on without any hope. The final blow arrived when my son was arrested. With him in prison, the world literally cave in on me. My already weak strength of mind crashed and all hopes vanished.

Christmas Eve 1998, my wife was able to transfer my son into a Narconon center, a facility that deals with drug addicts rehabilitation. In a few months my son was born again; he went back to be that wonderful boy I used to know.

Talking with him, at that point, I realized I had to do something too: I couldn't continue to live that way, while my son was starting on his route to get out of the same trap we both had been caught in.

While talking, he also pressed me to arrive at the center and enter the drug rehab program outlined by Mr. Hubbard.

I arrived at the center, and I found wonderful people who helped me to find again my peace, my happiness that I had long lost, and the hope to start a new life that would be worthwhile living. Today, after three years, my son and I live and work together; we have created our new life. We are able to solve any type of problem, both in everyday life and at work.

This letter of mine is meant to thank all the operators of the Narconon Albatros."

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