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Narconon Alfiere - Drug Rehab in Pesaro, Italy

In 1994, Narconon Alfiere was born, nestled in the hills outside the Italian city of Pesaro and not too far from the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Since then, the drug rehab center has saved the lives of hundreds of young people who were stuck in the trap of alcoholism and drug addiction, suffering without hope and without a solution.

The Narconon Center Alfiere is a safe place where any type of addiction, whether from legal or illegal drugs, can finally get addressed and resolved for good, thanks to the innovative method of the Narconon rehab program. Recently, the center has grown to be specialized in cocaine addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Cocaine abuse and addiction is in fact growing very rapidly in Italy, like anywhere else in Europe, with the result of a greater demand for help caused by this drug. The necessity of an effective answer, and the knowledge of the Narconon drug rehab program being The answer to the problem, has brought the operators of Narconon Alfiere into action, promoting their rehab services to one target public in particular - cocaine, crack or free base addicts.

But the purpose that moves the team of this rehab center is the same, no matter what type of drug addiction they are dealing with:

"Personally we believe that this, in this moment, is one of the most vital activities. Staff, students, parents and friends, all together we can change our future; we can mold it and shape it into a safer, healthier and happier life for everyone. Happy and drug-free persons are our future." ~~ Narconon Alfiere Staff

Many of those who arrived at Narconon Alfiere for their program, once graduated have decided to stay and train to become part of the Narconon staff, for the wish to give back, to help and reach out to others in need. No one in fact can understand what drug addicts go through mentally and physically when they arrive to a rehab center better than someone who has already been in the same situation.

Life in the center reflects the stable and serene environment created by the common sense of help that the students develop during the steps of the program. Drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation here means good nutrition, healthy life, sports, sauna and exercise, alternating with the learning and educational steps of the Narconon program which find and solve the very causes of a person's addiction.

Success Stories

Every month many letters and success stories arrive to the center from the graduates of the program who feel the need to stay in touch and share their experiences and wins in their new lives. They speak for themselves:

"I have finally started feeling my body again; it was like for years it had been anaesthetized" ~~ G.Luca

"I felt immediately at ease with staff and fellow students, all really very kind and helpful. I am almost 40 and had never experienced anything like it" ~~ Gabriele

"I have found the solution to many of my problems, I discovered the real nature of my relationship with my family and friends, I have expanded my knowledge and now I owe my happiness to myself and to who showed me the way" ~~ G.Marco

Narconon Alfiere
Drug Rehabilitation
Via Montefeltro 16/2
61100 Pesaro, Italy

Phone: +1(39) 0721-404074

Website: Drug Rehab Pesaro Italy

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