Argentina Drug Rehab

Narconon Argentina Residential Drug Rehab Center

Narconon Argentina residential drug rehabilitation center

Pablo Rodriguez did years of drug prevention before he decided to expand his activities to drug rehab and open a substance abuse treatment center. Opened in January 2003 in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the Narconon Argentina rehab center helps recover many from addiction.

Here's a typical Narconon® story:

Alex flew from Costa Rica to do the program. Hearing the great success Alex was having, his girlfriend (and daughter) came to visit. Seeing the life-changing results, she decided to stay with him. Says Melissa, "I feel like I'm doing something for the world. I feel this is the right place to help young people like me. ... I used to think that earning money and more money was really happiness, but I realized that there is not a better feeling than seeing how my daughter's father's life changed--not only his drug addiction, but his way of seeing life."

Narconon Argentina drug rehab center graduate -- Alex with his familyAlex's win: "Since I was 12 years old, I started to sink more and more because of drugs. My mother found out about Narconon Argentina and by that time I was living on the streets without food, my girlfriend, or knowing anything about my daughter. I see life just the way it is and I can confront any situations that can be presented. ...I've decided to help others and become part of this organization. My win is to be who I really am."

They are now both on staff at the center, saving lives in return!

Note that there are Narconon substance abuse treatment centers in other areas of Latin America, such as Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. Narconon Argentina's website is

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