Drug Withdrawal Workshop

Narconon First Step workshop in Arizona -- May 2005

Narconon First Step Workshop - Phoenix

Narconon First Step Workshop in Arizona

Arizona News -- Hands on drug-free withdrawal.

A concerned business owner in Phoenix, Arizona, had long known about the stellar results of the Narconon programs and decided it was time to bring these programs to her area. She chose the Narconon First Step program (how to do drug-free withdrawal) because it can be learned quickly and easily and be immediately applied to some addicts.

Gerry Marshall (above picture) delivered the seminar. He is a graduate of the Narconon rehab program who then went on to be staff at Narconon Southern California. Like most staff members, he did the Narconon Withdrawal Specialist Course and himself took a number of people through the process. So he has "hands on" experience with the Narconon drug-free withdrawal method.

Using the Narconon First Step booklets as guides, he took the attendees through the basics of the method. He started out by demonstrating with them an exercise to assist one to focus his attention outward. Then they went over the nutritional supplements and calcium magnesium formula that the addict takes several times daily.

Narconon First Step Workshop in Arizona -- communication drills

Workshop: Communication Drills

He demonstrated how to do an assist designed to help prevent or lessen any muscle spasms, cramps or pain the person experiences during withdrawal. He then had the attendees practice it on one another. Next they practiced with each other some of the communication drills.

Thus, in two hours' time, the attendees got the reality of and some practice in using the Narconon First Step withdrawal program methods.

Amongst the attendees was a psychiatrist from a behavioral health clinic, the County Supervisor of Navajo County, the Founder of the International Ladies Group of Arizona, and a local chiropractor. Here's what some of them had to say:

"Very well done with an experienced speaker who testified and gave his story. Not like just reading a book on it."

"It was great! New thought. I'd like to know more info."

"Very well done. The challenge is getting the person to get out of drug use."

"Very informative. I like the practical application of the First Step."

- May 2005

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