Arrowhead Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

The theme for National Recovery Month is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Health. After 36 years of rehabilitating addicts and preventing drug abuse amongst young people, the Narconon network has much to celebrate.

On September 20, 2003, Narconon Arrowhead celebrated its second anniversary in conjunction with National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

Joining Narconon staff, graduates and friends from around the world was guest speaker, actress, writer, and loving mother Priscilla Presley. Along with Narconon spokespersons, local and state officials, Presley spoke not just about the problem of addiction, but solutions as well.

"There is another task even more important than rehabilitation. In order to rid our society of drug addiction, we must have effective drug education programs that teach children to think for themselves and not to succumb to peer pressure to play around with drugs," she stated to the crowd of nearly 1,000 who gathered at the Expo Center in McAlester, Oklahoma.

The Narconon program seeks to educate as well as rehabilitate and proves that drug addiction can be completely overcome. According to Ms. Presley, "A good first step for all of us to take in helping those whom we love is to get ourselves educated--then we can reach out and truly help them."

When asked if she believes that the Narconon program might have helped Elvis overcome his drug addiction, she said "Absolutely, I do."

The theme of this event was "A community that pulls together can make a better society for all", a quote from humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, whose research and developments are the basis for the success of the Narconon program. "Recovery Month encompasses more than just substance abuse treatment and prevention," remarked Luke Catton, President of Narconon Arrowhead. "Nearly every sector of society is affected by it and therefore, must work together if it is going to be stamped out of existence."

In that regard, a number of community and statewide programs joined Narconon for this celebration. Before the event began attendees were served a barbeque dinner, and numerous organizations provided booths with information about their services.

For the parents and children in attendance a Narconon drug education presentation was given by Arrowhead's top Drug Prevention Specialist, J.T. Daily.

The event itself carried the theme that recovery is possible and the large number of Narconon graduates in the room were evidence to that.

"A community that pulls together can make a better society for all."

After an opening by the Native American Redland Singers and Choctaw Nation Color Guard, Rev. James McLaughlin, Director of the Narconon program in Houston, gave the invocation and sang the National Anthem.

President Narconon Arrowhead Luke Catton hosted the evening's event. After providing a warm welcome to the guests, he awarded four community organizations with donations and presented a special Community Anti-Drug Award to Chris White, publisher of the McAlester News-Capital & Democrat.

Donna Woods of OCARTA (Oklahoma Citizen Advocates for Recovery and Treatment Association) gave a heartfelt speech on behalf of the recovering community.

Oklahoma State Senator Richard Lerblance spoke about the need to treat addicts instead of incarcerating them, and asked for Narconon's assistance in training the employees of the Department of Corrections.

District Attorney Chris Wilson spoke eloquently in favor of helping addicts with full recovery.

Clark Carr, President Narconon International told about the projects underway around the world in such areas as the Philippines, China, and Pakistan, offering hope for these communities as well.

The final speaker for the evening was special guest Priscilla Presley. Ms. Presley spoke to the audience about her personal experiences with those addicted to drugs and emphasized the need to provide real education to children on the effects of drugs.

Closing out the event was an upbeat performance by the world renowned swing band from the UK, the Jive Aces.

As stated by Ms. Presley, we must first educate ourselves if we are to help others.

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