Narconon Astore, Italy Drug Rehab

Narconon Astore Drug Rehab

"To return those who have fallen into the trap of drugs or alcohol to society as contributing individuals free from addiction." That is the mission statement of Narconon Astore, and precisely what the Italian Narconon center has been doing since its start, back in 1994. At that time, in fact, a thankful and enthusiastic graduate of the Narconon program, Francesco Scelsi, decided that having won the battle over his drug addiction was not enough for him, and wanted to help other less fortunate drug addicts avail themselves of the same gains he had obtained from his life changing experience with the Narconon drug rehab program. And that was the start: he went ahead and started delivering the program at first in a small apartment not too far from Milan, with just one student.

Needless to say, the effectiveness of the program and the fast spreading success stories of the first Narconon graduates soon forced Francesco to look for a bigger location for the young rehab center, and he found it in the fine Italian region of Le Marche, where, at one point, no less than 40 students were taking their journey together, heading for the same final destination: freedom from drugs and addiction. The rest is history. More and more students graduated from the program each year, becoming responsible not just for themselves and their own lives, but also for those of others, to the point of deciding in turn to join the staff of the center and taking on that same purpose they read on their first day at the center, in its mission statement. "For me Astore is a second home, a second family..." wrote a graduate in his success story, and the same feelings are shared by many.

Today, Francesco Scelsi is still the director of the Narconon rehab center Astore, which just recently moved to a much bigger facility of nearly 26000 square feet, surrounded by a beautiful natural park near the city of Fabriano, in the same region of Le Marche. The new center is fully equipped to ensure the best care of its guests and the peaceful scenery of the location guarantee a calm and distraction-free atmosphere, which is so important for drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation. And just on the same day chosen for the commemoration of its seventeenth anniversary, Sunday, 2 October 2011, the Narconon Center Astore will also add to the celebration the official grand opening of its new center.

After all these years of hard work and with the help of 15 professional operators, Francesco is proud of the results he and his staff have created up to this day in the fight against drug addiction:

"Once I graduated from the program, I decided to dedicate my life helping other young people to break away from the same trap, although I knew it was not going to be easy. It takes a lot of courage and determination to overcome drugs; it's not easy to get off it. But thanks to so many who today are doing well after completing with success their program here at Narconon Astore, my drive and purpose to continue gets stronger and stronger every day!"

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