Narconon at CADCA National Leadership Forum 2004

CADCA stands for Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. An anti-drug coalition is a coming together of different people and groups--parents, schools, drug prevention people, faith-based groups, law enforcement, businesses, health providers, media, social service agencies, government officials-- who by working together can better solve the drug problem. This year's forum was held at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Marcia Powell of Narconon International Drug Prevention and Rehab with CEO CADCA in January 2004

General Arthur Dean - CEO CADCA
with Marcia Powell - Narconon International

2004 was the second year that Narconon International, along with representatives from Narconon centers in Washington DC, Michigan and Oklahoma, have had a booth enabling us to share our valuable resources with others. Hundreds of people came by, learned about our programs, and went away with our literature so they could take advantage of our programs in the future. We handed out hundreds of free bookles on "10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs".

Leanne of Narconon D.C. Drug Prevention and Rehab with conference attendee at CADCA, January 2004

Leanne Stynchula - Narconon D.C.
with conference attendee

One of the speakers was John Walters, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (known as the "Drug Czar"). He showed slides with statistics proving that the toxicity of marijuana has increased dramatically in recent years and more statistics proving the dangers of the drug, both in terms of the number of people showing up in emergency rooms and the relation between use and escalation to more harmful drugs.

John Walters speaking at the CADCA conference, January 2004

John Walters ("White House Drug Czar")
Speaking at CADCA - 2004

John Walters highly validated the attendees, referring to them as the soldiers--the people who are on the front lines and in the trenches.

Leanne of Narconon D.C. Drug Prevention and Rehab with Henry Lozano at CADCA conference, January 2004

Leanne Stynchula with Henry Lozano
of the President's Advisory Commission
on Drug-Free Communities

CADCA arranged for coalition members to be able to visit their legislators on Capitol Hill (Washington D.C.). We were informed that the pro-marijuana people are very organized; thus CADCA provided a very informative package of information to give to the legislators, a lot of it relating to the statistics on marijuana.

J.T. Daily, Director of Drug Education at Narconon Arrowhead Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation center in Oklahoma, with conference attendees at CADCA, January 2004

J.T. Daily, Director of Drug Education
of Narconon Arrowhead, with attendees

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