Narconon booth at the CADCA Forum 2006

Arthur C. Dean, CEO of CADCA
with Cleo Johnson Senior VP Narconon Arrowhead

Staff from Narconon International, Narconon Arrowhead and our Narconon East U.S. office traveled to Washington DC this past month, joining over 2000 attendees for the annual 2007 CADCA Forum.

The mission of CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) is "To Strengthen the Capacity of Community Coalitions to Create and Maintain Safe, Healthy and Drug-Free Communities."

An anti-drug coalition is a coming together of different people and groups--parents, schools, drug prevention people, faith-based groups, law enforcement, businesses, health providers, media, social service agencies, government officials--who by working together can better solve the drug problem.

Narconon® staff attend and exhibit at the conference each year in order to offer assistance and resources to local community members in the fight against drug abuse.

Xtasy, The Real Story video part 1

Ecstasy - The Real Story

The various materials we have available for drug education were very popular, demonstrated by the thousands of booklets that were distributed to the visitors. Playing at our booth all week was our recently released "Xtasy-The Real Story" video, a new component to our video program that has reached over 8 million students nationwide.

Showcased were some of our community based programs, such as the statewide Hawaii project which includes distribution of a Parent Kit and broad education throughout the islands. We shared many of our successful youth programs, such as the Narconon peer leader training and the Youth For A Drug-Free Florida, a group comprised of 20 teens who are out educating students in the schools in their area.

The Narconon staff met with many friends, new and old, and heard from a number of people whose lives had benefited from the Narconon program. The visitors to the Narconon booth were appreciative of our real and workable solutions for problems in their communities.

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