Grand Opening of Narconon Cancun Rehab Center

The Grand Opening of Narconon Cancun Means More of the Addicted in Latin America Can Find Help

Group shot of Narconon Cancun in front of facility

In November 2013, yet another Narconon drug rehab center opened their doors to those needing recovery from addiction. This time, it was in Quintana Roo, Mexico and the new center was just a short drive from Cancun.

The director and driving force behind this center is Mrs. Haydee Colin. Once she made up her mind to open a drug rehabilitation facility, she searched for a suitable rehab model that would enable her to provide real help. After evaluating a number of rehab models, she settled on the long-term Narconon program and contacted the international headquarters in Los Angeles. After working with this office to train staff in the protocol and obtain her licensing, she found a beautiful location outside of Cancun and renovated it to her high standards. Her new center houses twenty people in recovery at a time.

Finally, in November 2013, a hundred guests joined Mrs. Colin and her new staff for the grand opening. They were joined by Quintana Roo's Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo, who blessed the facility and consecrated it to its sacred task of saving lives. Also joining the celebration were Under Secretary of Social Development, the Health Department Coordinator of Innovation and Quality, and the region's Director of Radio and Television.

Narconon management executives from Los Angeles and Mexico were on hand to welcome the director and her staff to their new duties.

This new Narconon center welcomes students in need of drug rehab from the local area, cities across Mexico and any other Spanish-speaking countries.

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