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South Africa is unique in the modern world. Having been ruled for centuries by a minority people, the nation, after much hard work and sacrifice, found itself now in the control of its vast majority, and the need to correct centuries of social injustice became a major focus of life in the country.

Under apartheid, the light of the nation's poor majority honestly did not capture the attention of much of the rest of the world. With the passing of apartheid and the direction of the country now being made by its majority, many good things began to happen. Trade with the outside world increased. The people found themselves in a country rich in natural resources and individual affluence began to improve. But this increase in affluence did not come without its own price--the country became a genuine target for the drug cartels to move in and ply their trade with a newly affluent people.

This turn of events, and the problems that it brought with it, made the need for a program like Narconon even more critical than it had already been. Two drugs, cannabis and Methaqualone known in parts of the world as Quaaludes), became the biggest drug problems facing the nation. Although cannabis, with the passing of time has brought with it increases in the use of other illicit drugs, as well as alcohol, which, of course, is not classified as illicit but is nonetheless a drug.

In Cape Town, Narconon has teamed up with local authorities to battle this rising tide of illicit and licit drug use. The Narconon program, proven throughout the world for its effectiveness and the permanence of its effects, has proven to be a major player in the battle for the people.

South Africa is a large nation. In light of the newness of its current existence and the need for the implementation of many social an private programs, organizations like Narconon, organizations which are willing to lend their limited resources to these most in need, and the Narconon program is already proving to be a major player in the battle against drugs in Cape Town, a battle which CAN be won. With its eight steps, each building on the last, steps aimed at helping the addict find out what the true source of his addiction is, and then actually giving him solutions for those problems and ways of implementing those solutions, Narconon will become known as having been one of the key reasons for the success of the new South African nation in taking its well-deserved place amongst the great nations of the world.

But now is not the time to sit back, relax and feel that the battle has been won., It has actually just begun, and Narconon, with the support of those who recognize the true worth of the program, can and must increase its presence, both in Cape Town and the rest of this culturally rich, mineral-laden nation which sits at "the bottom of the world".

In this unique area, what are the things that Narconon is doing to handle the problems?

  • Community Involvement: Narconon intends to be a major component in making this a great community
  • Delivering drug education to thousands of South African children
  • Peer Leader Training: No one is better at training members of a group than other members of the same group. Narconon is expert in training people to train their peers.
  • Public Relations: By insuring that Narconon's good works are well publicized, the effectiveness of the organization and its products are greatly enhanced.

For help with a drug or alcohol problem, or to find out how you might become part of this growing movement, contact a Narconon drug rehabilitation counselor today.

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