Narconon CIS


Narconon CIS

Narconon Russia educated many people all over the country on the truth about drugs through Narconon drug education delivered in 2003. There are about a dozen centers that teach thousands of people the reality of what drugs do all over the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Ukraine. There are also now six Narconon drug rehabilitation centers in the CIS as well.

Due to the effectiveness of these drug education lectures, more people have been finding out how Narconon can help rehabilitate drug users. This has increased the demand for Narconon drug rehab services to the point that many of the rehab centers are filled nearly all the time. There is a person appointed to oversee drug education for the entire zone. The statistics are impressive. As an example, in St. Petersburg 16,387 people were educated by Narconon drug educators. Across the CIS, there were more than 173,000 citizens who learned how dangerous drug abuse and addiction can be.

In the Ukraine, in Kharkov, one particular drug educator has been spreading the Narconon drug-free message since 1997. She found the Narconon drug educator materials and once she had studied them, she starting giving lectures and meeting with teachers, school and other officials and public figures. Marina Gribanova has also been a guest on many television shows so she could reach even more people. She received more than 200 official recognitions and commendations for her work. And in just five years, she educated more than 200,000 students, giving 2,000 lectures.

In Kazakhstan, drug educators rom Narconon spread out across the country and reached 46,000 people with their anti-drug message. Now, students, soldiers, teachers, inmates of prisons and others are safer from substance abuse.

Two Narconon rehab centers, in Ekaterinburg in the Ural region, and Dimitrovgrad City in Russia, have been expanding quickly due to the effectiveness of the drug education message being delivered in their regions. In fact, Ekaterinburg drug education staff had reached 4,300 people in 2003, while the staff of the Dimitrovgrad Center reached more than 8,000 people. Their rehab center was full nearly all year with people wanting to get sober Ð so much so that more buildings had to be acquired to house all those demanding service.

There is a Narconon drug rehab center in Krasnoyarsk which has been working with local government agencies to help reach those addicts who are most in need of help. There, the Chief of Police has an Anti-Drug Department, whose personnel gave a list to the Narconon staff of known drug addicts in the region. In recognition of the effectiveness of the Narconon program, the post office in the area cooperated as well, delivering for free one-quarter of a million brochures about Narconon to local residences.

Narconon Standard is located just outside of Moscow. This facility has expanded so much that it needed more housing and classrooms for those in recovery. In 2003, they purchased a new building and began renovations so that as many as 70 students could be housed at one time.

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