Narconon CIS, UK & Europe

Narconon CIS, UK and Europe

Narconon experienced a year of expansion in 2004 in the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Russia), the UK and some other parts of Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the UK and Europe as well as the CIS had heard about Narconon by the end of 2004.

Many years ago, the country of Russia (then USSR) had to try to deal with their heroin addiction problem without much help. Because of its proximity to Afghanistan, the largest heroin producing country in the world, Russia has a long history of heroin addiction problems. Narconon started to establish itself in Russia and other countries of the CIS in the 1990's and by 2004, there were seven Narconon rehab centers and eleven drug education and prevention centers located there. By 2004, these countries' Narconon facilities were delivering drug rehab or prevention services to about 100,000 students on average each year.

One of these centers that started out as a drug education center was the Moscow Narconon center. Not long ago they offered only the Narconon Communication Course and assists to aid with a drug-free withdrawal, but by 1994 this center had been established as a full-service, inpatient center for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Their progress from that time to 2004 included the ability to train staff of other Narconon centers from all over Russia. They also helped to support and fund expansion into other areas.

By 2004, there were drug education and prevention groups in the cities of Kharkov, Pavlodar, St. Petersburg and Siberia. In addition, staffs of the Narconon drug rehab facilities in Kazakhstan, Krasnoyarsk and Dimitrovgrad have been delivering Narconon drug education lectures to students all over their regions.

Many of their efforts have been acknowledged by cities and even the Department of Education in some areas. As an example, the group in St. Petersburg delivered anti-drug lectures in an orphanage. There the St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Foreign Languages also requested presentations of the Narconon anti-drug lectures for their students. The St. Petersburg Department of Education has recommended that students in their schools hear the Narconon lectures on effective drug abuse prevention.

In Siberia, the Director of Narconon gave more than 680 drug education presentations to more than 17,000 people in 2004, and received more than 5,000 written testimonials. These were written by children who told about the correct choices they had made regarding drugs after hearing these lectures.

A Doctor of Biology gave Narconon a very strong endorsement. She worked in the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics in Ufa City in Dimitrovgrad. She wrote her observation that 90% of Narconon graduates remained drug-free and had restored their own family relationships. Also she commented that they had no more problems with law enforcement and she further mentioned how Narconon was superior to other traditional programs. She recommended that more Narconon centers be established in Russia.

And farther south, at the southern border of Russia, is the city of Barnaul, where their drug education and prevention team is well-known for their community involvement. They held a cooperative event with the local Youth Committee, presenting a show focused on the theme of "Don't Even Try," at a local discotheque to more than 200 youth.

Kharkov is located in the southwestern region of the Ukraine and their drug education groups have received 200 recognitions in the past few years for their effective educational services in the fight against drug abuse. The director of one of the local schools wanted to see how effective this education was and so had a study to see the results. He discovered that areas serviced by the drug education group had a drop in drug addiction by 10%, while the neighboring regions showed an increase of 12% in the same time period.

Other parts of Europe and the United Kingdom also experienced many successes with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program and its effective drug education and prevention in 2004.

One student on the Narconon program in the Netherlands had been at risk of having her child taken away from her due to her prior record of drug addiction. When the Narconon program that the mother was participating in was described to the judge in this case, he overruled the requests of the Child Welfare staff, and allowed the mother to keep her child.

A new sauna was built in Narconon Deutschschwiez, in the German speaking region of Switzerland, so they could begin delivering the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program there. They also found a kiosk to distribute information about Narconon and answer people's questions about effective ways to conquer addiction.

Narconon drug educators in Vienna, Austria went to a large shopping center exhibition to distribute the "Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs" booklets. They also presented information and helped to hold anti-drug week events in Vienna, so they could help people understand the process of addiction and the effective solution offered by Narconon to overcome it. One week's events included a "foosball" tournament in a Vienna shopping mall, where they were able to deliver drug education to more than 3,000 people in attendance.

In the UK, the new residential Narconon center of Hastings was opened. This was the result of the hard work and dedication of many Narconon staff and supporters in the UK as well as two veteran Narconon International staff. As the Bermondsey center in London center outgrew its quarters, they found and renovated a beautiful new location on the southern coast of England. Many students arrived to find long-lasting sobriety at this new Narconon facility.

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