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Narconon Colombia Drug Rehab

In 1996 Narconon commenced delivery of its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in the Colombian hillsides outside the capitol, Santa Fe de Bogota. The opening of an effective Narconon drug treatment facility in ANY location is a matter of moment, but for this to occur in the back yard of those who are primary suppliers of illicit drugs is even more important than usual. It is a signal that "right CAN make might" and that the war on drugs can, and will be won.

Narconon Colombia engaged in a major anti-drug campaign, "Evoluciona sin drogas y alcohol" (PROGRESS WITHOUT DRUGS AND ALCOHOL). This was a widespread event, from Bogota to Bucaramanga. It involved the distribution of more than 1.2 million pieces of literature and a verbal campaign that was heard on over 100 local and regional radio stations.

Narconon has learned that, by saturating the environment with the truth about drugs, essentially, filling the vacuum of truth, entire populations can be effected positively.Simply telling people to stay away from drugs, bombarding them with statements that drugs are bad, does not do the job. The campaign in Colombia was aimed at teaching people the TRUTH and, with the truth, true progress can be made.

It is the aim of the staff of Narconon Colombia not only to minimize the use of illicit drugs by Colombians, but to entirely eradicate it. This is no small task. In 2008, COLOMBIA REPORTS, a major Colombian news organ, reported that 541,000 Colombians had consumed illicit drugs, mainly marijuana and cocaine. It will take a gargantuan effort to accomplish the goal of eradicating such use, but, with the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard as delivered by the staff of Narconon Colombia, it is a goal which CAN be accomplished.

The staff of Narconon Colombia is dedicated, hard working and knowledgeable. They know that no efforts to get a GROUP off drugs is going to work, so they treat each student as what he or she is--an INDIVIDUAL, a person with individual needs and individual reasons for having the problems that they have. In this way, an entire nation is going to be rescued from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse. And it is particularly ironic that this country will be Colombia, which COLOMBIA TODAY characterized as "the world's top cocaine producer."

But what could be more poetically just than for Narconon Colombia to lead the way to a drug free world?

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