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Drug Education

There are many, many wonderful people doing stellar work in the field of drug education and prevention. For example, Robert Van der Feyst, Executive Director Narconon Cape Town, South Africa, and his staff have been busy with a comprehensive approach to the drug problem in their area.

In just this past year they have delivered drug prevention presentations to 14,523 children and adults. That's a LOT of people getting the truth about drugs!

narconon drug education presentation

Drug Education Presentation - Cape Town

Early in the year they completed the Engen drug and alcohol-free driving campaign. Engen is a major petroleum company in South Africa with gas stations throughout the country. The campaign consisted of drivers signing a pledge that they would not drive under the influence and also making a donation for a Narconon-Engen campaign sticker and drug education booklet. Half of the funds collected are being used toward the establishment of a treatment center, as well as for other prevention activities.

Expanding out with their prevention services, peer leadership training was delivered to 20 students at a local high school. These students learned how to give an in-depth drug education presentation including how drugs affect the mind, and how a person drops in emotional tone from using drugs.

As many of these students knew others their age who were already using drugs, they were also taught the basics of the Narconon First Step drug-free withdrawal program. Not only could these peer leaders set a good example and prevent drug use through effective education, they could now also help those who were using drugs get off them. These peer leaders were announced and given their certificates and badges, thus making their skills and service known to all the students.

narconon news article

News Article on Narconon Drug Education

As the demand and need for services increases, Robert and his staff provide Narconon life skills courses for both young people and adults. The Narconon First Step program is offered to those needing assistance to come off drugs, the communication and study courses are also provided as further tools for those seeking to live a drug-free life.

Additionally, Robert has met with a member of Parliament and presented the Narconon program to a number of other health professionals in the Cape Town area.

All of their work and collaboration with the community has resulted in many people reaching to Narconon Cape Town for help. Recently a youth who read a news article came in and is now doing the Communication Skills course. A phone call came in from a school asking for help to handle a couple of students with drug problems. The school is offering to provide half of the cost to service these kids.

From broad education and prevention with school children, to intervention programs with high risk youth, to teaching others how to help someone through a drug-free withdrawal, the staff of Narconon Cape Town are approaching drug abuse from all sides and really making a difference.

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