The Ladder Guys

How many ways can we think of to give the truth about drugs to people? "Well, how about going to fairs and festivals where there are thousands of kids, families, teachers and police officers" thought Wendy and Jon Slobom, now known as "The Ladder Guys." They operate a game called The Ladder Challenge which is a game of skill and balance.

Climbing the ladder isn't that easy. The same goes for a kid in today's world trying to operate without a real understanding of the negative effects of drugs. The Ladder Guys started doing events full time in September 2002. In 2003, they gave over 23,000 "10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs" booklets to participants and people who requested one! They also customized the back of the "10 Things" booklets with their own address and phone number.

They personally communicate with these guys and ask them to share this information with their family and friends. People often stop in the middle of the fair, start reading the booklet, ask questions, sometimes request more copies.

During this past year, they traveled all over California and also went to Washington State, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, attending different festivals, fairs, motor racing events, conventions and trade shows. They met with teachers, police officers, city council members, Boy Scouts, etc., creating a lot of interest in the use of the booklet to do drug education.

During the year, they arranged sponsorship by different organizations such as Snow Jam in Del Mar, Time Warner at an Orange County event and, just recently, by NBC affiliate KVOA in Tucson, Arizona. They now own four ladders and have others working for them around the West Coast as they continue to expand. The message is going OUT!

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