Red Ribbon Week - 2003

Narconon Drug Prevention Program Activities During Red Ribbon Week 2003:

The Narconon® drug prevention and education program is conducted with children and adults throughout the U.S. and around the world every week of the year. It is through this ongoing effort that we have educated millions in the past two decades.

Each year, in acknowledgement of Red Ribbon week, Narconon staff work tirelessly to get the truth about drugs out to young people in a big way. Many schools and community groups held special events for the week, and the Narconon program played an integral part in a number of these.

For the second year in a row Narconon Georgia held "A Drug Free Day in Georgia Rally" in the Woodruff city park in Atlanta. President Narconon Georgia, Mary Rieser, along with other staff and graduates spoke to over 300 people gathered in the park. The message was clear that one can lead a healthy, productive life without drugs.

Many government representatives attended and gave their support to Narconon Georgia. U.S. Congressman John Lewis responded, "This innovative program strives to bridge the gap that currently exists between the Metro Atlanta communities, various drug education and rehabilitation organizations and many elected officials. This event both will show community support to combat drug abuse and educate our youth on the harmful effects of drugs. I applaud Narconon's commitment to improving the lives of our community".

In Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead Director of Drug Education, J.T. Daily, presented the Narconon program to thousands of students in schools throughout the state. Accompanying J.T. was a Drug Prevention Specialist in training, who was able to step in and provide presentations in Spanish to the bilingual students at some of the schools. His new experiences are best described with his response, "The accomplishments I've made in these past few months are indescribable. Coming from a dysfunctional home with lots of drugs and abuse, to now reaching out to children of all ages brings a great big smile to my face."

Bobby Newman traveled to Dallas to deliver presentations to school children in several schools there. The Narconon Arrowhead staff educated 6250 students in just one week!

Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, in California, spoke with school children in over 20 schools during the last two weeks of October, educating nearly 9400 kids. The response to the program has been great as demonstrated by one young elementary school student:

I think it wasn't boring... What I liked was that the man Tony made it fun but still taught us really interesting things. I think it is the best Red Ribbon week asssembly! Now I know more things about (drugs) I'm sure that I will NEVER forget! I will teach that to other kids and people. 4th grade student.

Further north in Seattle, the Narconon staff teamed up with the National Guard for the local Red Ribbon week event, "Trick or Treat on the Waterfront". A number of kids joined in and helped distribute 900 "10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs" booklets to those attending the event.

Elsewhere around the world, from Washington, DC to Kharkov, Ukraine, staff reached out to thousands more students with the truth about drugs. Marina Gribanova, Narconon Kharkov's tireless and amazing drug educator, herself delivered to 4,440 students in two weeks! In the Commonwealth of Independent States, over 11,000 students total were educated through the Narconon presentations during this time.

You too can help fight drug abuse in your area. Find out more about the Narconon Drug Prevention Program and what you can do to help reduce drug abuse in your area. Contact Narconon International at

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