Narconon Drug Education Summer 2006

educacion de las drogas

Narconon drug education in Spain.

Narconon® drug prevention specialists are always very active during Red Ribbon Week in October, but equally impressive is the quantity and quality of drug education activites that occur all year around, all over the world!

"The Narconon drug education program should reach over 2 million U.S. school kids this year through its videos and live presentations," said Bobby Wiggins, Narconon International Drug Education Specialist. "Kids receive a huge amount of incorrect information about drugs from many different sources. We counteract this by putting out the truth in volume."

Some highlights of this summer's activities included drug education in Spain and Columbia, in cities like Ufa and Novgorod in Russia, and presentations to Swedish army soldiers.

Rock group wearing Narconon t-shirts

Rock musician in Hungary promoting drug-free lives.

Rock musicians in Hungary donned their Narconon T-shirts and promoted drug-free lives at their concerts.

Drug preventions specialists from Narconon Trois-Rivieres near Montreal, Canada, put up booths at special summer events, such as the Le Petit Monaco event.

Narconon Colombia educacion de las drogas

Narconon drug education presentation in Colombia.

After-presentation quotes from: An 11th grader: "Yeah, I learned how bad they really mess someone up and I should tell the person about what's in it instead of feeling like it's none of my business."

From a 7th grader: "I will never do drugs for the rest of my life. Drugs are poison, they don't help, they are not good for you. Why even put your body through such dangerous things? It just hurts yourself and people around you."

Also released this summer in the Ukraine was a new Narconon drug education video, approved by the Ministry of Education for showing in schools nationwide. This will allow millions of Ukrainian kids to the get the truth about drugs in their own language.

The Narconon drug education program techniques are based on the works of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. For over thirty years, the Narconon drug education and prevention programs have told the truth about drugs to over 8 million people, most of whom are school children.

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