Narconon Mexico: "Yo Vivo Sin Drogas"

Narconon drug prevention program in Pedro Escobedo City

After a request from the city to do The Way to Happiness Marathon (the second one sponsored by Narconon Mexico), Marisela S. De Espinal, Senior Director for Expansion Narconon Mexico, suggested that there should be a whole drug education campaign done at the same time. The city approved the project.

Every day a police car came to Narconon Mexico, picked up the drug lecturers, brought them to the schools and then took them back to the center when the day of presentations was over.

They delivered in every single school in Pedro Escobedo! Needless to say, the campaign created a very positive effect.

Marisela s. de Espinal, Narconon Mexico

Marisela S. De Espinal, Senior Director for Expansion
Narconon Mexico, about to board a police car
for another day of drug prevention presentations.

drug education in a Pedro Escobedo school

Marisela doing a presentation to children
in a Pedro Escobedo school

Drug education to Normandow kids

Normando (Narconon Mexico lecturer) with the kids

Coming along with the Narconon lecturers were representatives of the city and other organizations. One of these was a lady who had previously attended a Narconon workshop. So now, when she sees people with withdrawal symptoms, she gives them calmag and teaches them the communication drills.

The closing ceremony of this campaign was on Thursday the 12th of Feb 2004. Representatives of the city, the police, and the Municipal Director of DIF (Integral Development for the Family) attended the event. One of the outcomes of this project was the creation of a city-sponsored council against addiction. Marisela herself was appointed as the Education Coordinator.

Overall, they delivered 161 Narconon Drug prevention presentations to 10,951 students in 70 schools, from kindergarten to high school, after which 2,813 success stories were written!

pedro escobedo speakers

Pedro Escobedo Speakers

closing ceremony of the Pedro Escobedo drug prevention campaign

Closing ceremony of the Pedro Escobedo
drug prevention campaign

Student signs Pledge - I Live Without Drugs

Signing the Pledge to Not Take Drugs

Student signs pledge - Y vido sin drogas

Students signing "I live without Drugs"

student signs pledge - no drugs for me

People signing "Yo Vivo Sin Drogas"
("I Live Without Drugs") board
at the closing event.

Seeing the success of this drug campaign, the neighboring city of Tequisquapan demanded that Marisela and her Narconon drug prevention team do the same campaign in their schools starting in March!

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