Narconon Drug Prevention Kicks Off New
2004-2005 School Year Following a Busy Summer Season

After months of summer break, schools are now back in session. Although summer is the time for vacations, sports and leisure activities, drug abuse does not take a break. Narconon® drug prevention programs reach young people and adults throughout the summer months through various activities, including presentations at summer camps, training programs, festivals and special events.

In the U.S....

Narconon Stone Hawk in Michigan has been very active in their community. They recently attended and exhibited at the local Cherry Festival. They distributed drug education materials to the 10,000 visitors passing through their display, including their new coloring book for children.

Narconon drug prevention and education Oklahoma, summer 2004

Narconon Drug Education Oklahoma - 2004

Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma is not only working with young people, but also providing drug-free workplace programs to businesses in the community.

The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant felt so strongly about giving their employees a real education on drug abuse, they arranged for the entire staff of 500 employees to receive Narconon drug education presentations. The Commander of the base was very grateful for Narconon's ability to factually and simply relay information on such an important subject.

In Georgia, 125 inner city Atlanta children participated in a summer program conducted by Narconon of Georgia, receiving drug education and study skills training.

Narconon drug prevention and education California, summer 2004

Narconon Drug Education California - 2004

In California, drug education presentations were delivered in many cities and towns, at YMCA's, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other community groups. Narconon staff worked with one group in inner city Los Angeles that services young people who have dropped out of school. As part of their work-study program, the students participated in the Narconon drug education program and soon found out there was a lot about drugs that they did not know.

Also this summer, a training program was conducted with the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps where they learned knowledge and skills they can use to help teach other kids about drugs.

In Europe...

In Narconon Gothenburg (Sweden), members of the military participated in Narconon drug education training, which included a program for over 150 soldiers and officers in just one military camp. They also continued with their many community activities, including the large and popular "Göteborgskalaset" festival, and another festival sponsored by the Swedish organization "Mobilizing Against Narcotics".

Narconon drug prevention and education Hungary, summer 2004

Drug Education in Hungary

A Narconon student from Hungary returned to his own country of Yugoslavia and in just one week delivered 30 Narconon drug education presentations to 755 kids, 29 teachers and 75 parents. He has been so successful with the program that he received a donation to further support programs in the schools.

In Africa...

Narconon drug prevention and education in Cape Town South Africa, summer 2004

Capetown Drug Education Makes News

In the southern hemisphere, where it has been the winter months, Narconon drug education has been in full swing.

Johannesburg Police Officers completed professional training at Narconon Johannesburg with a number of officers receiving their certificates as Narconon Drug Prevention Specialists.

In Cape Town, Narconon staff recently returned from a very successful tour of the Eastern Cape. Narconon drug education programs were delivered in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, King Williams Town, East London, and Queenstown. The response was tremendous and from the words of one student, "Thanks 4 the excellent talk. It was a relief to hear something fresh." Said another, "That was the most interesting and informative talk we've had. It was different to other talks cause he looked and spoke about it in a different more exciting angle."

During the last few months, Narconon Cape Town has educated 9,166 people!

In Australia...

Narconon Victoria has recently had a very busy few weeks, providing 26 Narconon presentations in a number of schools and groups. One of the presentations was to the teaching staff of a primary school, one of whom had this to say, "Charlie Tonna is a brilliant presenter, who held his audience captive for the entire session. The information provided was concise, illuminating and at times alarming. Sincere thanks from us here at Knox Park." The Principal was particularly impressed because it was an after-school session and, despite that, the Narconon speaker held the students' attention and got a favorable response.

"It was a really fun way to get across some serious issues for the kids."

"I can now feel smart not to take drugs."

"I swore to myself today that I would never take them (drugs)"

"I will never touch a drug again."

"YES! I now think of drugs as suicide."

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