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Narconon peer leader training in Cape Town, South Africa
Narconon peerleader training in South Africa

  • A Narconon grad's mother training in drug educationEurope News: A Narconon Grad's Mother Doing Drug Education. On a winter day in 2004 her daughter found on the internet a home page promoting a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon®. In May Ole started the Narconon program at Narconon Denmark. A new day in a new life had just started.
  • Opening ceremony February 2007Mexico News: Drug Prevention February 2007 -- 120 Presentations in 55 Schools Reaching 7,757 Students. We can all take inspiration from the drug prevention work being done by Marisela S. de Espinal from Narconon Mexico.
  • Narconon booth at the CADCA FORUM 2007CADCA Forum 2007: Staff from Narconon International, Narconon Arrowhead and our Narconon East U.S. office traveled to Washington DC this past month, joining over 2000 attendees for the annual CADCA Forum.
  • Narconon drug education presentation in California 2007California news: "...Maybe I can save a life too." Tony Bylsma is a Narconon graduate of 1976 and recently celebrated his 30th anniversary of a drug-free life. Tony is now the Executive Director of Narconon Drug Prevention &am; Education in California and has spoken to more than 300,000 students, parents and teachers in his career as Narconon speaker.
  • Red Ribbon News: Although officially Red Ribbon Week is the last week of October, for these people, October is Red Ribbon Month! Due to the overwhelming reach in California for Narconon presentations, this Narconon center had to spread them out over the entire month! A total of 7,645 students participated--3,359 during Red Ribbon Week itself!
  • Hungary rock groupSummer 2006 News: Narconon® drug prevention specialists are always very active during Red Ribbon Week in October, but equally impressive is the quantity and quality of drug education activites that occur all year around, all over the world!
  • Red Ribbon Week 2004News from Sweden: The Narconon drug prevention team in Gothenburg, Sweden, led by Alexander Breeze, is travelling across the country giving presentations to various schools and organizations.
  • Narconon New York drug prevention presentation, DEA museumNarconon New York working in cooperation with DEA to educate youth. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has a traveling exhibit which has recently been housed at 1 Times Square in New York City. The Exhibit Educator for the Museum was referred to the Narconon® program by the New York State Demand Reduction Officer as people with a good reputation for holding lively interactive talks with kids across the country.
  • Narconon drug education presentation in South TexasDrug Prevention in South Texas. A very successful dentist in Harlingen, Texas, found out about the Narconon programs and decided that's what his community needed to help handle their drug problem.
  • CADCA Conference 2005CADCA Conference 2005. This is the 3rd year that Narconon International has had a booth at the annual CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) Forum in Washington, D.C.
  • Cape Town drug education servicesNarconon Cape Town providing services to youth in trouble. From broad education and prevention with school children, to intervention programs with high risk youth, to teaching others how to help someone through a drug-free withdrawal, the staff of Narconon Cape Town are approaching drug abuse from all sides and really making a difference.
  • Narconon Miracles VS. MADD Celebrity/Los Angeles Kings Alumni hockey gameThe Narconon Miracles faced off against the MADD Celebrity/Los Angeles Kings Alumni team for a charity benefit to raise money for alcohol and other drug prevention activities on Sunday, June 19th.
  • Narconon Cape Town Drug prevention and rehabilitation center, South AfricaCommunity Members Training in Drug Prevention and the First Step Program -- Cape Town, South Africa
  • Red Ribbon week 2004 -- Narconon Drug Prevention Los Angeles giving a presentationRed Ribbon Week: Last year, the Narconon drug prevention specialists delivered presentations to over 28,000 people during the Red Ribbon Week celebration at the end of October. Highlights from Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma, Seattle, Gothenburg and Cape Town.
  • Narconon Mexico drug prevention and rehabilitation center delivering a presentationDrug Prevention in Pedro Escobedo, Mexico
  • Narconon drug prevention in the UkraineDrug Prevention in Ukraine: Narconon Kharkov delivers drug prevention presentations to an average of 700-1000 people a week. Also, in July 2004, Narconon Ukraine and Narconon Europe were invited to a Government Ministry meeting in Kiev. The Minister was briefed on the "Drug Free Future for the Children of Ukraine" campaign, as well as the Narconon drug rehabilitation technology.
  • Narconon International drug education presentation in PakistanDrug prevention presentations in Pakistan - Drug Prevention in Pakistan, May 2004. Agnes and Geoffrey Barton, Narconon® volunteers, made their third trip to Pakistan to deliver a series of drug prevention presentations in schools.
  • Narconon UK Racing Team recent newsNarconon Drug Education courtesy of UK Car Racing Team Races. They will be combining their racing with drug education. Next year they'll enter the SEAT CUPRA CUP race, again for two cars!
  • Narconon golf tournament in CaliforniaNarconon San Francisco News -- Sixth Annual Narconon Benefit Golf Tournament. Thousands Raised for Drug Education and Rehabilitation in the Bay Area
  • Overcoming Peer Pressure -- Kid reading drug prevention bookletOvercoming Peer Pressure by Tony Bylsma, Executive Director Narconon Drug Prevention & Education California -- For a teenager who is heading to a party where it's a sure thing that there are going to be decisions to make concerning drugs, or for a single mother whose co-workers are coaxing her to stop off with them on the way home for just one drink, ("After all, it's Friday!"), peer pressure is a very real thing...
  • The Narconon Miracles hockey team and attendeesHockey and Drug Prevention in Los Angeles!
  • News from the Narconon Nepal center, Kathmandu
  • Narconon Mexico drug prevention and rehabilitation center delivering a presentation"Yo Vivo Sin Drogas" -- Narconon Mexico drug prevention campaign in Pedro Escobedo
  • Drug prevention and education in Hungary, 2004Narconon drug prevention kicks off new 2004-2005 school year following a busy summer season. Although summer is the time for vacations, sports and leisure activities, drug abuse does not take a break.
  • U.S. Marines vs. Narconon Miracles hockey gameCharity hockey game held to support drug education. Long Beach News: The United States Marines played against the Narconon Miracles to raise money in support of effective drug education and prevention.
  • Narconon Miracles hockey team group pictureThe Narconon Miracles hockey team takes the ice!
  • Narconon peer leader training in Cape Town, South AfricaPeer Leader Training - Cape Town News: Narconon Cape Town, South Africa, has completed "Peer Leader Training" with over 100 students who were taught a number of skills.
  • Narconon International drug education presentation in PakistanDrug Prevention in Pakistan, May 2004. Agnes and Geoffrey Barton, Narconon® volunteers, made their third trip to Pakistan to deliver a series of drug prevention presentations in schools.
  • Narconon 2003: A Short Retrospective. Here are just but a few highlights from the Narconon network in 2003 as it was celebrating its 37th year.
  • New York marathon 2004New York Marathon News 2004
  • Narconon International newsletterNarconon International Newsletters. Narconon 2005: More Countries, Thousands More Lives Saved
  • Narconon Johannesburg Community Involvement
  • CADCA Forum 2004
  • Marijuana The Myth -- New Release on DVD
  • Red Ribbon Week 2003
  • Narconon graduate in Sweden doing creative work with youth
  • The Narconon Miracles hockey team takes the ice!
  • Student evaluations show change in attitude
  • Educators and other professionals respond to Narconon program
  • What children around the world are saying

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