Red Ribbon Week 2004

This year the Narconon® drug prevention specialists delivered presentations to over 28,000 people during the Red Ribbon Week celebration at the end of October. Here are just a few highlights:

Narconon Los Angeles Drug Prevention - Tony Bylsma giving a presentation during Red Ribbon Week, October 2004

Los Angeles - Drug Education
Red Ribbon Week - 2004

Los Angeles -- In the greater Los Angeles area, the Narconon team visited 16 schools during the last two weeks of October, educating close to 4,000 students. Here's what one teacher had to say about the presentation: "I feel the presentation made the kids aware of how drugs affect people and themselves. Perhaps even drugs they didn't realize were drugs," -- 4th Grade Teacher.

After asking if their thoughts about drugs changed after hearing the talk, here's what a number of students had to say:

"Yes, because I thought they were only bad for your body but they are really bad for both you and your surroundings."

"Yes, it did. Gerry was a cool guy that I could really relate to being a kid. I felt like he understood the peer pressures of today."

"Yeah, it kind of gave me a wake up call of what's coming in the future."

"Yes. At first, I knew drugs were bad but I really didn't know they could affect you so much. Now I know it is not worth anything to take drugs."

Narconon Drug Prevention in New York city -- Tibor giving a presentation during Red Ribbon Week

New York - Red Ribbon Week 2004

New York -- Our new Narconon drug prevention group has been very active in New York City. In addition to delivering drug education presentations at local schools and youth groups, Narconon staff are providing drug education presentations to school children who visit the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Museum and Visitors Center housed at 1 Times Square.

Narconon staff have been working closely with the DEA agents to provide effective education on the dangers of drug abuse and the link between it and terrorism around the world.

Narconon Arrowhead Drug Prevention - Brien Carella giving a lecture during Red Ribbon Week 2004 (10/28/04)

Brien Carella - High School
Drug Presentation 2004

Oklahoma -- Over 5,500 kids across Oklahoma received the truth about drugs during the Red Ribbon weeks, with over 2,000 "10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs" booklets distributed to the students.

Narconon Seattle Drug Prevention Services - kid signing a pledge to say no to drugs, October 2004

Seattle - Kids sign pledge of no drugs

Seattle -- Narconon staff participated in the community event of Halloween trick-or-treating on the waterfront.  About 800 people were given information about the Narconon program. Additionally, a number of kids signed a "Say No to Drugs" pledge.

Although Red Ribbon Week is primarily celebrated in the U.S., our Narconon drug education staff around the world have also been very busy reaching people with the truth about drugs:

Narconon Gothenburg Drug Prevention - during a presention in the Ostersund army camp in October 2004

Narconon Gothenburg Drug Presentation to Army

Gothenburg -- The Narconon drug prevention team in Gothenburg, Sweden, led by Alexander Breeze, is travelling across the country giving presentations to various schools and organizations. During the last 2 weeks of October, Alex presented to 750 soldiers and officers in the Strängnäs army camp (close to Stockholm). The results were rave, many soldiers stating that it was the best drug prevention presentation they had ever heard. They then continued north to the city of Östersund where they delivered to another 580 soldiers and officers in the Army's Special Force Regiment. Afterwards many commented that they now know much more about drugs and that they now have the background data needed to say NO when offered drugs.

Narconon Cape Town Drug Prevention -- Robert van der Feyst during a presentation in October 2004

Cape Town Drug Education Presentation

Cape Town -- Robert van der Feyst, director, has been delivering drug prevention presentations for years. The Herald Cape Town newspaper published an article on the 20th of October about the Narconon drug prevention activities in Port Elizabeth. In the article, a teacher is quoted as saying, “This talk is an empowerment tool which will teach the Grade 10 and 11 pupils to make a responsible choice.”

"I thought the talk was very educational and very interesting. I also thought that the talk would inspire me to tell my family to quit drugs or not be involved with drugs."
5th grader -- 22 October 2004

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