Johannesburg Community Involvement

Narconon supervisor with students training at Narconon drug rehab center

Narconon Johanessburg Drug Prevention Training

Narconon Johannesburg, drug rehabilitation and prevention center, moved into new quarters in 2003 and increased the number of students and graduates since then. They are also involved in improving conditions in their community.

For the second year in a row now, Narconon Johannesburg trained several police officers. This year they trained them as Narconon Drug Prevention Specialists. The policemen came from many stations, such as Boksburg, Duduza, Vosloorus and Zonkizizwe.

Here are some of the comments:

"I trust and wish that the course be extended to other SAPS officials in the Social Crime Prevention Department." -- Inspector J. M.

"I have improved dramatically in studying since I studied the Learning Improvement Course. I think that this course should be done with other SAPS members and at local schools that I am responsible for."

"This course was wonderful and assisted me to understand the effects of drugs clearly."

"The much improved presentation I made at IH Harris Primary School was as a result of the course done at the Narconon Center."

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