Narconon Cape Town course room - training of community members, October 2004

Training Drug Prevention Specialists
Narconon New Life Center
Capetown, South Africa

Vodacom Foundation sponsors the training of Drug Prevention Specialists for the Mitchell's Plain community.

Six members of CODAG, a local community substance abuse support group, have been trained to deliver the Narconon® First Step Program.

Twenty eight Cape Town City Police officers have been selected to be trained as Drug Prevention Specialists and will form part of a greater community intervention program.

Seventeen primary schools in the Cape Flats are in the process of receiving drug education presentations.

It is estimated that over 80,000 individuals in Mitchell's Plain are currently abusing drugs, while Cape Town is home to well over 15,000 heroin addicts. Our state-subsidized clinics in the Western Cape are able to treat an average of 5,000 clients a year, and many are not equipped to deal with heroin addiction.

As part of a larger drug prevention program for Mitchell's Plain, Narconon New Life Centre has received 40,000 Rands from the Vodacom Foundation to train a number of Drug Prevention Specialists who will deliver drug prevention lectures at schools, churches and local community organizations.

Training for the first group of Drug Prevention Specialists is almost complete. Students are required to complete an intensive four week full time program (120 hours), after which they have to give presentations in schools before they are able to receive their well-deserved certificates. Once fully trained, these Specialists will also assist the Cape Town City Police in a larger drug prevention program that will focus on the Cape Flats and surrounding areas.

Narconon Cape Town course room - training of community doing the communication course, October 2004

Members of WADA (Women Against Drug Abuse), YMCA,
Ambassadors for Youth Against Crime, and the Fire Department
completing a one week communication course

Success Stories from the training:

"I have been on a lot of courses but this was one course that has definitely made a difference in the way I think and the way I interact with my organization. I didn't expect studying to be this interesting and so much fun at the same time. I will be now able to implement study methods to the youth at our schools."
R.D. - Narconon Learning Improvement Course

"This course has taught me a new skill which is being able to confront someone without embarrassing the person or to be embarrassed. Everything I have learnt has been very useful and it will help me with my public speaking. I also understand why it is so important to acknowledge, listen and allow other people a chance to speak. It has been a great course."
M.W. - Narconon Communication Course

"I have been a very shy person and could not speak in front of large groups of people, but with all the communication drills I did on this course I am able to do presentations in front of any amount of people. During this course I got the win to be able to confront people and events and still be comfortable. I also got the ability to control myself and not have to react on what people say or do. I have the skill to be able to stay in one time frame and to give a command and to control a person with that command.I have attended so many lectures in the past, but there has not been information like this."
N.D. - Narconon Communication Course

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