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Successes in Denmark and Norway

News from Ole Thiemer, Executive Director of Narconon Denmark drug rehab and prevention center:

Narconon Denmark drug prevention, education and rehabilitation treatment facility

Narconon Denmark Drug Rehab Center

"Here's an excerpt from a Success Story by a student on the rehab program at Narconon Denmark:

'My life has turned upside down. I have found happiness again; I smile and laugh, something I had not done for many years. Today I cannot really understand how I could have put family and myself through that awful situation. For the first time my life is in order. I have friends, my family is happy, and, most important, I am an even better person than I once was.' -- T.H.

"Most of the people I work with want to help mankind in some way or another. They desire a better society and a better future for our kids to grow up in. Some go out and tell about their experiences with the Narconon® program. Others are getting people in for rehab. Some others want to eradicate the fundamental reasons for addiction.

"In 1997, Robert from South Africa came to Denmark to do the Narconon program. He went home with the purpose to create a better future in South Africa. Today he is the most famous drug prevention lecturer in South Africa. He does a lot of lectures every year and reaches thousands of kids.

drug prevention in Norway

Norway Drug Education Lecture

"This year Emil Reiten, a graduate of the rehab program at Narconon Denmark, received training to deliver drug prevention lectures for kids and other interested people. He wanted to create his own Narconon prevention group so applied for approval from Narconon International to use the the Narconon name and the methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard. His approval recently came through, and he has just delivered his first two drug prevention lectures! (above: father of a Narconon student delivering a drug education lecture in Norway)

Tor Blaha: "Tor Blaha, director of an aftercare center in Bergen, Norway, is very supportive of the Narconon program. He often helps people in need of it to get there. He helped Emil establish his Narconon Happy Life organization, thus giving Norway its first approved Narconon drug prevention and education group!

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