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Narconon Freedom Treatment Center, Michigan

Narconon Freedom Drug Treatment Center in Michigan

  • Narconon Georgia drug prevention, education and rehab facilityNarconon Louisiana -- Louisiana News: Narconon Louisiana drug rehab opens its doors. Within months, Cathy and Tom Steiner, along with their Medical Director, Rohit Adi, and Kelley Keeney, put together the plan for a residential drug treatment center. Nine months later, Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, nicknamed "Riverbend", opened its doors.
  • street children drug rehabHonduras News: Narconon street children drug rehab.
  • CARF CertificateNarconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab -- Oklahoma News: Over a decade of CARF certification. "We are committed to providing the best possible services to our clients," comments Gary Smith, who is Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab and prevention center, "This is part of our overall effort to eradicate substance abuse."
  • Narconon Houston drug rehab treatment center just openedDrug Rehab Houston -- News: Grand opening of the Narconon drug rehab center in Houston. Over 150 people attended the Grand Opening of the first Narconon center in Houston, Texas, on August 21st, 2004. Rev. James McLaughlin was five years into his ministry with the Ward AME Church when, as he says, "My faith was tested by the demon of drug addiction in my congregation. I looked for who could get results in this daily crisis that we like so many others are suffering through drug abuse in our neighborhoods. I found those results in the Narconon program."
  • Gordy Weinand at Narconon Arrowhead in 2003 being acknowledged as the first Narconon program graduateNarconon Day 2005 -- February 19th is the official anniversary of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program. Here's how it all began back in 1966....
  • Best Promissing Program award in FloridaOut Patient Drug Rehab Florida -- On several occasions the Clearwater drug rehab out-patient center's results were acknowledged by the drug education and licensing authorities of the State of Florida....
  • Alex with his family at Narconon Argentina substance abuse treatment centerArgentina Substance Abuse Treatment -- Alex flew from Costa Rica to do the program at the Narconon Argentina substance abuse treatment center
  • Narconon Mexico drug prevention and rehab international conference, April 2005Narconon Mexico Drug Rehabilitation -- "New Narconon drug prevention and rehabilitation activities will be starting up in Israel, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Cyprus in 2005," announced the Director of Narconon Europe, at an international Narconon conference held in April 2005....
  • Narconon Brazil drug education, prevention and rehab new facility -- June 2005Drug Rehab Sao Paolo, Brasil -- Brazil News: New drug rehab facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Accommodating more students for the Narconon program in South America....
  • Bobby Newman graduate of Narconon Arrowhead drug prevention and rehabilitation treatment facilityNarconon Arrowhead -- News: Arrowhead Celebrates 15 Years in Oklahoma. It was quite a night of acknowledgment for this center on Lake Eufaula in the heart of America’s Great Plains--a key to one city, "Narconon Day" proclaimed in two others, one thousand event attendees giving standing ovations. Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab center now maintains capacity enrollment with over 200 students and 160 staff to care for them. State Senator Richard Lerblance (right) recognized this by saying, "Programs like this can make a huge difference in the state. Narconon has been a great partner and a great asset to Southeast Oklahoma."
  • Narconon Northern California drug rehab -- Friday GraduationNorthern California news: Graduation events are held on Friday nights, attended by students, parents and friends. These emotionally charged events feature the wins of weekly graduates of the full Narconon program as well as the wins of students who complete various steps of the program.
  • Narconon San Diego drug rehab facilityNarconon San Diego -- News: Grand Opening Celebration Held for Narconon San Diego. Narconon Southern California has been operating for over seven years in a lovely beachfront facility in Newport Beach. Due to the stellar results of the Narconon rehabilitation program (three out of four graduates remain drug free), the center is usually filled to capacity. The search for an additional facility resulted in the acquisition of a beautiful site located in Warner Springs, a small town northeast of San Diego.
  • Narconon Ghana drug rehab center grand openingNarconon Ghana -- News: Making drug rehab a reality in West Africa. On February 27, 2004, Narconon Ghana held its official grand opening. This event was held at the Aviation Social Centre in order to accommodate the 400 people attending....
  • The Grand Opening of Narconon Idaho drug rehab was held on the main street of Burley Idaho on Friday the 26th of September, 2003.
  • Narconon Arrowhead's Second Anniversary. The theme for National Recovery Month is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Health. After 36 years of rehabilitating addicts and preventing drug abuse amongst young people, the Narconon network has much to celebrate....
  • The Narconon Programs Getting Results in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Iron Curtain may have come down, but the drug problem in Russia, as in the rest of the world, continues.
  • News from the Narconon Nepal center, Kathmandu
  • Narconon Johannesburg Community Involvement
  • Drug Rehab in Macedonia
  • 2003: A Short Retrospective
  • Narconon Sweden graduate doing creative work with youth
  • Narconon Spain graduates celebrate drug-free lives
  • CARF certification for Arrowhead drug rehab treatment center

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