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Drug Education Video Targets
International Ecstasy Market

Los Angeles News: The club drug MDMA (also known as "Ecstasy" or "X" and usually cut with other drugs such as crystal meth) has become one of the leading street drugs on the international market.

The popularity of Ecstasy has expanded even to isolated areas such as Guam and the Marianas Islands. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Ecstasy appears to be the fastest growing problem in that part of the world. States such as Hawaii, Alabama, Washington and New York continue to experience high levels of abuse.

Worldwide, government statistics from the CIA facts site show big figures of consumption and many countries on the increase. China, for example, has seen a large increase in Ecstasy use as well as meth. Further, China has been noted by the U.S. DEA to be a producer and exporter of these drugs.

However, attacking availability of the drug is not a complete solution. U.S. Drug Czar John Walters recommends a "balanced approach" to handling the problem, which includes reducing demand as well as supply. Many drug education programs have come into being over the years. However, the drug problem overall is unresolved and continues to be a very serious social issue.

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Drug Education Video on Ecstasy

Recent studies have shown that effective drug education programs can reduce the demand for this drug. Narconon has responded by releasing the drug education video Xtasy, the Real Story. The DVD is tailored to meet the needs of young people who are often seduced by "hype" and peer pressure while remaining ignorant of the facts. Former Ecstasy dealers and users share their actual experiences, including what happens to a dealer's life and the fate of his friends and customers.

The unique Narconon drug education and prevention programs are based on research by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Xtasy, The Real Story Part 1 - A production of Friends of Narconon

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