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European Commissioner Speaks Out on Drug Problem

Brussels News: Estimates show that around 9 million Europeans have used cocaine in the last year

European Commission Vice President Franco Frattini, responsible for Freedom, Security and Justice, spoke at the Conference on Civil Society and Drugs, held in Brussels on January 26, 2006. Mr. Frattini emphasized that the issue of drugs is one of the most important concerns affecting millions of Europeans.

Mr. Frattini reported that drug consumption in the EU is at historically high levels, exceeding 2,000,000 users, with more than 8,000 people dying of a drug overdose each year. He also announced that the Commission has become one of the world’s major providers of assistance to drug-related projects, donating more than €300 million.

He went on to acknowledge that voluntary organisations and NGOs are key players in the anti-drug effort in that they give voice to the concerns of the citizens and deliver services that meet people's needs. In some EU countries, many of the services to drug users, from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation, are provided by voluntary organisations.

Narconon drug education presentation

Bobby Wiggins Delivering Drug Education
Presentation to School Kids

One of the non-profit organizations accomplishing this purpose is Narconon. The very successful Narconon life skills rehabilitation program, based on the research and developments of American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, has helped thousands achieve a permanent drug-free life. Additionally, the international Narconon network gives popular live drug education presentations to nearly 500,000 youths every year to help prevent the next generation from falling into the errors of the last.

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