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September 11, 2011 was a very good Sunday for Narconon Center Il Falco. It was the day of their 19th anniversary event, a very good reason for Pino Perri, the director of the drug rehab center, his staff and students to be in high spirits and celebrate one more year of unrelenting work in the war against alcohol and drug addiction. A work always well done, sometimes not easy, but always giving very good results in the end.

In an old small town like Altilia, where the center is located, snuggled among the beautiful and ragged mountains of the deep South of Italy, having a drug rehab center as next door neighbor may raise more than one eyebrow, and even shut quite a few doors. The words drug addiction always leave a dark shadow behind them. But the goodwill and excellent reputation of Narconon Il Falco soon crossed more than one valley and reached more than one peak, and the center has always received the support of the surrounding communities, including government and religious authorities, law enforcement and many, many volunteers who constantly offered their help to the center and its staff.

Needless to say, this has been a priceless contribution for the Narconon rehab center in its war against drugs -- heroin in particular, a real plague for many years in the area -- and for all the drug addicts who, through the past 19 years, have called Il Falco their home, at least for the time spent at the center fighting their own personal battle against drug addiction.

And to give a special acknowledgment to all the people who helped, this year everybody was invited to the celebrations, anybody who contributed in some way during these past 19 years to make this small facility in the South of Italy a great place for drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation. When the center was founded, in 1990, there were only 2 operators to take care of the students. Today there are 10 of them taking care of 25 students daily, many arriving from all parts of Italy

Much recognition has been granted to the Narconon Il Falco and its staff by authorities and local agencies, for their good work in saving hundreds of young lives from drugs. Significant also is the work done by the center in regard to drug abuse prevention, through educational programs delivered in the local schools, where the students learn the truth about drugs and secure a better chance to avoid them in the future.

Much more could be said about the Italian Narconon center Il Falco, but we'd rather tell a real story, by someone who did the program and was able again to soar in his life, like a falcon does, that gentle Falco watching over the lives of so many from the top of a mountain in the South of Italy:

"When I arrived at the center, I didn't believe I would make it, but I had to do something. During the program I started seeing a way out. Ten years have passed since my brothers, my wife and I have completed the program; we are all married, with kids, with a good position in life. Drug addiction is nothing but a bad experience that we learned to use in a positive way, and I now know how to love, to respect others and life itself." "I now dedicate part of my time helping those who, like me, have experienced the same tragedy of drugs. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard and to those people who followed me on the program, and made possible for me and my family to be born again." Dario

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