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The pride of the Narconon drug rehab centers in Italy is Narconon Gabbiano. Its start back in 1992 was due--once again--to the decision of one of his graduates to start a new group and help other drug addicts. Since then, Il Gabbiano moved to a big facility in Torre dell'Orso, in the beautiful area of Salento, in the Puglia Region, the heel of the Italian boot.

But why is this particular center considered by Narconon the feather in its cap? Is it for all the amenities the facility offers, from its elegant dining room, to the inviting cafeteria, or the spacious bedrooms, the gym, the swimming pool or the soccer field? Maybe, but here are some other items of interest: up to this day, Narconon Gabbiano has graduated over 1000 people who now live a happy, productive and, most of all, drug-free life. Moreover, Gabbiano has the capacity of delivering the Narconon drug rehab program to 100 students at a time, thanks to the assistance and direction of 40 full-time operators, and the precious support of 15 extra volunteers.

At first the community of Meledugno might have been a bit apprehensive at the idea of having a drug rehab center in their territory, but over the years recognition and support has grown for the Narconon center because of all the successful results it has presented so far, and for the contribution it gives to the city in creating a safer and drug-free oriented environment. In fact, no matter where a Narconon center is located, in the United States, in Italy or Nepal, part of the Narconon program is the implementation of an energetic local campaign to educate students, families and local authorities on the risks of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, and how to recognize and prevent it.

And just recently, last June, in the presence of all the Municipal Authorities and Officials of Meledugno, and in front of an audience of two hundred guests and numerous other people, an event was given to dedicate one of the city squares to L. Ron Hubbard, the writer, philosopher and humanitarian whose works were the foundation for the creation of the Narconon program. The ribbon for the "Piazza L. Ron Hubbard" was cut at the Narconon Gabbiano, by the Mayor, Prof. Vittorio Potì, the executive director of Narconon Sud Europa, Giovanni Citterio, and the executive director of Narconon gabbiano, Mrs. Daniela Pratella. Here is what the Mayor said for the occasion:

"16 years ago... we saw this initiative grow and, as I said in other occasions, at the beginning there was some perplexity, it was frowned upon by some, and it became even matter of discussion during election campaigns and city councils. Who is here today has always defended your opportunity to embrace the fight against drugs, and today we can say that we have been paid pack by this feeling of great trust that we have had for you since the beginning, because, since then, much water has passed under the bridge, many results have been achieved and you, Il Gabbiano, have became something which belongs to us, is part of our own family. Your success stories are our success stories, your anxieties and worries are our anxieties and worries. This is what makes the force of this reciprocity between us and Il Gabbiano. And with these feelings, I salute again your executives, the memory of the philosopher Hubbard, and I wish you to continue on the same route, which I am sure will be the route to help those who are frailer to get back their joy of life."

Comunità Narconon Gabbiano
Drug Rehabilitation Center
Contrada Sentinella
Torre dell'Orso
Lecce 73020, Italy

Phone & Fax: (39) 0832-841856

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