Grand Opening - Narconon Ghana

In 2002, Joe Appiah of Accra, Ghana, was licensed by Narconon® International and began delivering drug education presentations. Since that time he has reached well over 20,000 school children and adults.

On February 27, 2004, Narconon Ghana held its official grand opening. This event was held at the Aviation Social Centre in order to accommodate the 400 people attending.

rehab in Ghana - Joe Appiah executive director Narconon Ghana speaking at the grand opening

Joe Appiah, Executive Director of Narconon Ghana,
speaking to the guests at the opening ceremony

rehab in Ghana - crowd at the Narconon Ghana grand opening

Crowd at Narconon Ghana Grand Opening

rehab in Ghana - music and dance performance at the grand opening of Narconon Ghana

Music and Dance Performance
Narconon Grand Opening Ghana

The event opened with a traditional Ghanaian dance and music performance. Later on the local students performed a captivating anti-drug drama.

Florence Linda Eshen, Assistant Director of the Ghana Education Service and Chairperson of the event, ackowledged the work being done by the Narconon program and the importance of addressing the drug problem as well as the AIDs problem.

Speakers and guests were Gloria Asandoh (Department of Prisons), Solomon Stanley Ayo (Deputy Chief, Narcotics Control Board), Florence Linda Eshen (Chairperson), Daniel Akwasis Amakwah (Head of Demand Reduction Narcotics Control Board), Eugene Addo (of the Food and Drugs Board), and many other representatives of the community.

rehab in Ghana - officials and guests speakers at the grand opening

Officials and guest speakers
grand opening of Narconn Ghana

rehab in ghana - Clark Carr, President of Narconon International speaking at the grand opening

Clark Carr, President
of Narconon Intl, speaking
at Grand Opening of Narconon Ghana

This same day, following the grand opening, a second event was held at the Narconon center to introduce the Narconon program to the local community. The Narconon Youth Club, who have been very active promoting anti-drug messages, gave several presentations and a drama about the consequences of drug abuse.

Local press, TV and radio stations covered the event. It wasn't long before Joe received several calls from public asking help for family members or themselves.

rehab in Ghana - Narconon First Step workshop the day after the grand opening

First Step Workshop
Narconon Drug Withdrawal

Following the grand opening, Narconon Ghana organized a First Step workshop. The 100 attendees drilled the basics of the program, exchanging nerve assists, locationals and making cal/mag.

Here is one of the many successes from the workshop:

"I recommend that the establishment of Narconon be commended by the government of the country. I personally hope to support Narconon with any and all my efforts."

~~ Executive at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

rehab in ghana - the narconon team meeting with the narcotics control board executives

A follow-up meeting occured with the
Narcotics Control Board executives
who want to help establish a drug rehab center.

rehab in Ghana - the Narconon team paid a visit to the Accra hospital and introduced the first step techniques to their patients and staff

The Narconon team paid a visit to the
Accra Psychiatric Hospital and
introduced the First Step drug withdrawal
techniques to their patients and staff.

rehab in Ghana - Narconon Ghana staff and volunteers in front of their new office

Narconon Ghana Staff and Volunteers

Narconon International congratulates the staff of, and welcomes Narconon Ghana into their new quarters. We look forward to their future expansion and the increased number of lives saved in their area.

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