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In the spring of 1993, in Sicily, not too far from Catania, Narconon Grifone was born, with the purpose of creating hope for the families that struggled with a drug and alcohol problems amongst their loved ones. Educating the people of the Italian island on how to handle any type of addiction and regain hope through the Narconon drug rehabilitation program was the first step. Drugs had been a huge problem in Sicily at that point and it seemed there was no way out: the notorious "Sicilian connection" had been active for almost 20 years, with a net of laboratories for refining the heroin received directly from Turkey. This was then shipped to the United States and partially also to the North of Italy where it was stocked.

Meanwhile, Sicily had also become an important hub for the traffic of cocaine arriving from South America, and hashish from North Africa, with a subsequent parallel growth of the local substance abuse, especially amongst young people. Because of the historical social and economic situation of the Region, micro-criminality and drugs became a solution and an "optional" way of living for many - and often of ending prematurely their lives as well.

Giusy Viola is the Executive Director of Narconon Grifone and has been working with the Narconon program since 1993, when she started helping others to overcome drugs and alcohol addiction. After experiencing firsthand the pain and sorrow of two tragic losses in her own family, related to drunk driving, Giusy decided she had enough of simply being a passive witness in the face of such tragedy, and started delivering the Narconon drug rehab program. It was clear to her that something very effective had to be done and the Narconon program, since 1966, has been successful worldwide in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction where other programs have failed.

Since then, Narconon Grifone and its small group of dedicated staff members have helped over 150 people of all ages and walks of life to get rid of their drug addiction and regain their dignity, their happiness, their drug-free lives. This is what Giusy Viola, as proud as a Sicilian can be, has to say about her wonderful results:

"My name is Giusy Viola and for years I have been in-charge of Narconon Grifone. I work with drug abuse and alcoholism since 1993 and I have been directly involved by these two plagues that apparently have two different names but are the same identical thing: drug addiction."

"In all these years, I have pulled many people away from alcohol and drugs ... their look, their laughter today ease the loss of the loved ones and give me the strength to help those families that, coming out of their silent sorrow, call the (Narconon) center to say: 'My son is a drug addict, an alcoholic, I don't want to lose him.'"

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