Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Narconon is Taking Responsibility
for Helping Everyone Who is Addicted
to Alcohol and Other Drugs

In a time when alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs throughout the world are struggling to exist, the Narconon Rehabilitation Program continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, worldwide. Narconon has been delivering successful rehabilitation, prevention and education programs for over 40 years and their growth continues to build on its successes, making it one of the only programs of this type that are impacting the alcohol and other drug problem in many countries around the world.

Much of their continued growth and success comes from having real solutions to addiction problems, and like with any other types of human services, if you provide the type of care that betters people's lives, there is never a shortage of prospective clients needing the services.

One of the Narconon's goals has been to provide some type of entry-level service to anyone needing help, even if they do not have the resources for a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Many families that are seeking help for their loved ones that are suffering from addiction problems do not have medical insurance or the financial ability to support long-term residential treatment. Families in these conditions shouldn't feel that nothing could be done to address the needs of their loved ones.

Drug Withdrawal Methods

In response to requests of this nature, Narconon developed the First Step Program, which allows for families to follow guidelines of a regime of withdrawal that can be done at home by anyone that can follow the instructions of the program.

In disseminating these procedures to the public, Narconon has provided "First Step Workshops", which are hands-on educational workshops where addicts, their friends and loved ones, learn about specific nutritional supplements, communication exercises, and other self-help assists to radically diminish the discomforts of physically withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs.

Narconon is the only rehabilitation services that provide a systematic program to help laypersons and professionals address the physical discomforts of withdraws. Word-of-mouth and seminars on the First Step have been delivered in Mexico and have been well received by 12-step treatment professionals and other providers that were in need of procedures that they could use in helping their clients at this early stage in treatment.

Recently Narconon presented the First Step Workshop in Tijuana, Essenada in the state of Baja California in Mexico and as a result of this workshop, nearly twenty Baja drug rehab centers are now using the vitamins, minerals and assist to help their patients mediate their effects of their withdrawal syndromes as well as enhancing their communication skills by using the communication drills from the Frist Step workshop.

The Narconon training staff has delivered two-day First Step Workshops in other regions of Mexico, including Los Mochis to Escuinapa and then to Mazatlan, as well as training for six drug rehab clinics in near Mexico City.

Most people are aware of the tremendous crime problem in Mexico due to the warring of opposing drug cartels, which has caused much of the Mexican population to become more isolated to their homes and in fear of the environment around their communities. Narconon realized that many of these people are in need of First Step services so that the citizens can address the drug problems of addiction within their own communities. This need led to Narconon International staff reaching out beyond the treatment center settings to communities and businesses to give them tools to address ethics and morality and to raise the hopes of the people that they can overcome the chaos of the drug-lords and reclaim their beautiful and peaceful communities.

To best accomplish this goal, Narconon distributed "The Way To Happiness" books that have twenty-one chapters that present precepts that lead individuals to more ethical, prosperous and happier lives. The rehab clients and their graduates have distributed over 150,000 copies of this book around the First Step rehab centers.

These community actions are giving hope to these areas that have been ravished by the turf wars of drug cartels fighting for ruling positions in their efforts to drug the Mexican populations and smuggle drugs into the U.S. for the same evil purpose.

Getting the leaders in these communities to begin thinking in terms of positive actions has led to committees of business leaders working with Narconon International staff and directors of Mexican drug rehab centers to consider the distribution of "The Way to Happiness" books to help reinforce ethical values in their communities.

The local television station in Mazatlan played a Way to Happiness precept daily for a month along with live interviews of people in the community that are changing their lives and their outlooks on life through the practices of these precepts in their daily lives.

Drug Addiction Help

It is no secret why Narconon has continued to grow and prosper in an environment where other drug rehab programs are having trouble sustaining any growth at all. It takes more than providing rehab to those that have become addicted to change attitudes and values in a society. It takes everyone's participation to ensure that the negative influence of drugs and drug money doesn't become the consensus of how people are to view their lives and their futures. Narconon's total commitment to solving the drug problems on our planet has made their programs a vital and needed part of a functional and happy society. Communities are thirsting for values and ethics and when given some leadership that shows them a better way, they always respond with enthusiasm and support.

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